NBC: 'Obama Scores a Win for Some 160 Million Workers'

As NBC co-anchor Amy Robach teased Saturday's Today show, she described the House Republican passage of the Senate version of a temporary payroll tax cut extension as President Obama scoring "a win for some 160 million workers."

But, after that initial suggestion than an Obama victory was synonymous with a victory for American workers, rather than the triumph of one option over another, the language in subsequent reports on the subject more reasonably referred to the development as a "political win for the President."

During the opening teaser, Robach declared:

Presidential push: President Obama scores a win for some 160 million workers as Congress passes a measure to extend the payroll tax cut through February, ending the year on a high note, as the Commander-in-Chief looks ahead at his reelection campaign.

After two reports on the subject ran - the first by Kelly O'Donnell and the second by Kristen Welker - Welker notably concluded by pronouncing that the President still be doing work even while on vacation:

Now, White House officials always make the case that the office of the presidency travels with Mr. Obama wherever he goes, so it will be a Christmas break, but we're sure there will be some work mixed in, Amy.

- Brad Wilmouth is a news analyst at the Media Research Center