NewsBusters Status Report (Updated 7:00 PM)

[UPDATE, 7 PM EDT: NewsBusters is back online. We'll be monitoring it closely over the next several hours, but please consider it back up and running. We'll be posting articles tonight and tomorrow morning on post-election coverage - already-written posts we were unable to put online today.]

Not much specific to report, but our tech contractor just stated: "We have brought the NB site back up several times over the last two hours but the site can simply not hold up to the amount of traffic it is receiving." There is a team continuing to work on it.]

We are well-aware that NewsBusters, the MRC's blog, is offline. We are as upset as are our loyal users which have come to depend on it, if not more, with the situation.

It appears we were overwhelmed with traffic this morning which led to a cascade of events which took us offline. Our vendors are working studiously to correct the situation which has continued for much longer than we anticipated. We have conveyed our anger and distress.

I can assure you that changes will be made so that this does not occur again. On a big news day like today, this is embarrassing.

I do not yet have an accurate estimate on when NewsBusters will be back online. Check back here for any updates that I get.

In the meantime, MRC staff are continuing to post on Check these pages for fresh posts from this morning and afternoon:

> BiasAlerts

> TimesWatch


> Business & Media Institute

> Culture and Media Institute

And, get the latest news on the election from the MRC's