ABC Ignores Own Reporter Confronting White House Press Secy. Over Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

On Monday, July 7, Jonathan Karl, ABC’s Chief White House Correspondent, challenged White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, over whether or not the Obama Administration was deporting illegal immigrants at the rate they claim to be.  

Despite the contentious back-and-forth in which the ABC reporter accused the White House of providing “disinformation” on the number of illegal children being deported, ABC's World News with Diane Sawyer ignored Karl’s questioning of Earnest on Monday night.  

As NewsBusters reported, during Monday’s White House Press Briefing, Karl cited a Los Angeles Times article which found that under the Obama Administration, contrary to White House statements, deportations of minors has actually decreased and according the article is “1/5 of what it had been” in previous years. 

When Earnest blamed the current border crisis on a 2008 law signed by President Bush, Karl pushed back and insisted “the bottom line is that minors that  are coming into this country illegally by in large allowed to stay because there have been so few deportations.”

Rather than cover its own reporter challenging the White House, ABC News instead found time to cover pop singer Madonna appearing for jury duty today. World News anchor Diane Sawyer also hyped musician Taylor Swift penning an editorial in which she criticized people getting music without paying for it.

— Jeffrey Meyer is a News Analyst at the Media Research Center. Follow Jeffrey Meyer on Twitter.