CBS Uniquely Labels Hezbollah as 'Terrorist Group'

Media Research CenterAs the broadcast network evening newscasts on Monday recounted protests in Beirut, Lebanon, organized by Hezbollah, only the CBS Evening News noted that the U.S. government considers Hezbollah to be a "terrorist group," while ABC called it a "militant group" and NBC gave the organization no label.

As he listed Muslim countries where protests against the United States had occurred, CBS anchor Scott Pelley noted:

And thousands turned out in Beirut, Lebanon, where the leader of Hezbollah urged them to continue the protests. The U.S. government calls Hezbollah a terrorist group.

On ABC World News, correspondent Alex Marquardt relayed to viewers:

The protest today in Beirut was bigger than anything we've seen so far anywhere in the region or beyond. It was orgaized by the powerful militant group, Hezbollah, whose leader had a very stark warning for America. A massive show of anger today, everyone from boy scouts to clerics poured into the streets. Then, a surprise, a rare public appearance by the leader of Hezbollah, the militant group with the real power here.

And on the NBC Nightly News, correspondent Attia Abawi avoided any label as she recounted:

And in Lebanon, huge crowds peacefully marched the streets of Beirut -- men, women and children -- as the elusive Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, emerged, calling on his followers to protest against what he calls America's attack to sow strife between Christians and Muslims.

-- Brad Wilmouth is a news analyst at the Media Research Center