CNN Lavishes Praise on 'Oratorical Genius' Bill Clinton

Piers Morgan couldn't contain himself on Wednesday night as he adulated President Clinton as an "oratorical genius" who is "right up there with Churchill, Kennedy, MLK, and Mandela." CNN wasn't called the "Clinton News Network" for nothing.

"[T]hat was pound for pound, dollar for dollar, one of the great modern political speeches I have ever heard," sounded Morgan later on his show. He even asked on Twitter if Clinton could be British prime minister. 

"It's at times like this, I find it bafflingly self-defeating that America insists on its 8-year rule for Presidents," Morgan tweeted his lament. "If he can't be President again, can he be British Prime Minister? This is a serious proposition."
"This is the speech that intransigent, warring Washington (on both sides) has needed to hear for years. He was the compromise King," tweeted Morgan. He added, "I think I'd rather argue with a harpooned Hammerhead shark than #Clinton - be more chance of winning."

CNN anchors Wolf Blitzer and Don Lemon got in on the act, as Blitzer's initial reaction to the speech was one of wonderous praise while Lemon tweeted his own admiration.

"I've been watching this President, this former President of the United States going back to 1992, when I was CNN's White House correspondent, and I have to tell you, this may have been the best speech I have ever heard Bill Clinton deliver over all of these years," Blitzer said.

[Video below. Audio here.]

Meanwhile, Lemon tweeted that the speech interrupting his vacation was "well worth it" and added "To all repubs, dems & in between. This is how you give a speech!! Love him or hate him #BillClinton commands attention."

-- Matt Hadro is a News Analyst at the Media Research Center