CyberAlert -- 04/12/1996 -- More Moyers Moralizing?

More Moyers Moralizing?

Two brief items:

Judging by the April 11 USA Today review on the Friday night Dateline NBC on Oklahoma, we may be in for another liberal sermon from Bill Moyers who hosts the one hour show. USA Today's Matt Roush wrote: "There's...a shared despair that their [survivors] ordeal has not brought the nation closer together. Cynical talk radio hate speech and election year political polarization leaves them unsettled and angry, clinging to each other in support groups. 'There are lessons for us here,' says Moyers in a cautionary afterward. 'If we're listening.'"

Time magazine Washington bureau reporter Elaine Shannon has offered an interesting defense of the Unabomber. As transcribed by MRC media analyst Gene Eliasen from C-SPAN's Sunday Journal on April 7:

"He wasn't a hypocrite, he lived as he wrote. His manifesto, and there are a lot of things in it that I would agree with and a lot of other people would, that industrialization and pollution all are terrible things, but he carried it to an extreme, and obviously murder is something that is far beyond any political philosophy, but he had a bike. He didn't have any plumbing, he didn't have any electricity."

If only Timothy McVeigh used a horse-drawn cart to deliver the bomb in Oklahoma City. -- Brent Baker