CyberAlert -- 04/24/2002 -- MRC in NY Post; Real Politicos on The West Wing

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MRC in NY Post; Real Politicos on The West Wing

-- Today's New York Post (Wednesday, April 24), features an op-ed piece by the MRC's Brent Baker, "When Jews Don't Show Up on Film," adapted from this April 22 CyberAlert article about how ABC's World News Tonight covered a pro-Palestinian rally in Washington, DC after having ignored an earlier pro-Israel rally:

It's not on the New York Post Web site, but if you have access to the real newspaper you'll find it on page 25.

-- From the NBC Web site, the plot of Wednesday's The West Wing, airing at 9pm EDT/PDT, 8pm CDT/MDT:

"REAL-LIFE WEST WING PLAYERS FEATURED IN SPECIAL DOCUMENTARY EPISODE -- The producers of The West Wing present a documentary special celebrating the real players inside the White House. The one-hour special will include, among others, interviews with former White House staffers David Gergen, Dee Dee Myers, Henry Kissinger, Leon Panetta and former Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. The show will also feature highlights of three seasons of the Emmy Award-winning The West Wing."

West Wing Web page: -- Brent Baker

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