CyberAlert -- 08/10/1996 -- MRC CyberAlert: From San Diego

***MRC CyberAlert: From San Diego***

Two topics today put together with the assistance of Tim Lamer back in our Alexandria, Virginia office:

  1. CNN and ABC praised the likely choice of Jack Kemp as VP nominee by contrasting him with most conservatives who are "mean" and "haters."
  2. CBS reporter Linda Douglass filed a story Friday night in which she argued that the appearance that Dole is "under the thumb of religious conservatives," what Dan Rather referred to as "the hard right of the Republican Party," could doom his campaign.
  1. On Friday's CBS This Morning, Russ Mitchell asked RNC Chairman Haley Barbour: "Now the 1992 convention was called, even by some Republicans, divisive and mean-spirited. How will this convention be different?"

    Hours later on CNN's Inside Politics Bill Schneider praised Jack Kemp by impugning conservatives: "He is a rare combination -- a nice conservative. These days conservatives are supposed to be mean. They're supposed to be haters. Bob Novak talked a minute ago about the frowning face of the Republican Party. Jack Kemp is buoyant, he's effusive, he's inclusive of everybody in the country, not just in the Republican Party. He puts a different face on that ticket."

    Then on Friday night's World News Tonight Cokie Roberts also insulted Republicans while calling Kemp a good choice: "He's very optimistic, but he's also very inclusive, reaching out to minorities, to women, being for immigration, for affirmative action. And I think that's very important for this particular convention, Peter, and this party, which is seen somewhat dour, and somewhat mean in its ways to have someone with a big smile on his face saying you all come, and I'm going to cut your taxes while I'm at it is not a bad thing for the Republicans."

  2. Dan Rather introduced a Friday night Evening News piece: "For many self-described Christian conservatives and other members of what is generally known as the hard right of the Republican Party, they've been pretty much having their way at the San Diego convention, and the Jack Kemp news late today was one more cause for celebration. But there could be pitfalls ahead for the party, as we hear now from Linda Douglass."

    Douglass began: "It already has been a triumphant week for religious conservatives, led by the Christian Coalition. Then came word of another victory, the prospect of Jack Kemp as Bob Dole's running mate."

    Following a soundbite from Ralph Reed, she continued: "The Christian Coalition has gotten what it wanted here, even forcing Dole to back down from his offer of tolerance to supporters of abortion rights. Religious conservatives say they now hold the key to a Dole victory in November....But veterans of past Republican presidential campaigns warn Dole runs the risk of appearing to be under the thumb of religious conservatives. Some analysts believe Gerald Ford was hurt in 1976 by giving in to a conservative faction. Doug Bailey, who advised Ford then, said Dole must be careful."

    Yes, careful not to offend the media and be impugned as "mean-spirited haters."

-- Brent Baker