MSNBC's Sharpton Lauds ObamaCare on Anniversary of 'Historic Victory' in Supreme Court

Media Research CenterOn the Friday, June 28, PoliticsNation on MSNBC, host Al Sharpton marked the anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of ObamaCare, and gave the program credit for helping consumers. Sharpton began:

Today marks the one-year anniversary of a historic victory for President Obama. The Supreme Court's decision to uphold the affordable health care act. A year later, we're very close to another milestone, the date ObamaCare takes effect in less than 100 days. Millions will gain access to the newly created affordable health care. This new law is becoming a reality.

He added:

It's already saving money. We've learned recently that ObamaCare saved consumers nearly $4 billion in premiums last year. And yet some on the right are still standing in the way. Republicans in 21 states are blocking the expansion of Medicaid. That includes Mississippi, where this week Democrats called on Republicans to do the right thing and not turn their backs on the state's neediest.

Then came a clip from Mississippi Democratic State Rep. Adrienne Wooten:

I remember when I was young, all single parents at some point struggle. I watched my mom struggle with two children, and I remember her always saying that no matter what, she was not going to let her health insurance go. (EDITING JUMP) The word speaks for itself. Represent your constituents.

Sharpton concluded:

Instead, Republicans are digging in their heels. They're rejecting the ObamaCare expansion of Medicaid that would cost 300,000 more people, even though it wouldn't cost the state a dime. This is not acceptable. We've got to take action. And that's why we're proud to sponsor a free health care clinic in New Orleans on July 3 with the National Association of Free Clinics.

-- Brad Wilmouth is a news analyst at the Media Research Center