NBC’s Gregory Laments President Obama Not Getting Credit ‘for An Economy That Is Rebounding’

David Gregory decided to play liberal activist Sunday morning and took off his journalist hat during an interview with White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough.

The NBC host expressed dissatisfaction that President Obama hadn’t received the credit he’d apparently been owed from both the media and the American public and complained to McDonough about “wonder why the president doesn't get more credit for an economy that is rebounding? What’s the disconnect there?”

While the majority of Gregory’s interview with Obama’s Chief of Staff was fairly straightforward and without objection, his decision to groan that the media and the American public weren’t giving Obama credit for the economy “rebounding” was shocking for a man that works for the Obama-cheering NBC News.

Gregory, not only appears regularly on NBC, but is a frequent guest on MSNBC, whose hosts sans Joe Scarborough, prop up President Obama 24/7. In fact, just last week, Gregory fretted that Obama wasn’t getting “credit” for the “better” economy.”  Such blatant partisanship is expected on MSNBC, but one would think that NBC News would hold its journalists to a higher standards than its liberal commentators on cable.

— Jeffrey Meyer is a News Analyst at the Media Research Center. Follow Jeffrey Meyer on Twitter.