Piers Morgan Rips NRA 'Cowards,' Begs Obama to Take 'Action' Against Mass Shootings

CNN's Piers Morgan lashed out at NRA "cowards" hours after Monday morning's shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, and asked President Obama to take "action" against gun violence.

Just as he did after the Aurora shooting, Morgan took to Twitter. "Where's the @NRA today? Oh that's right, Wash Naval Yard is a heavily secure place so doesn't fit their agenda.  #silenceofthecowards," he tweeted.

He called on President Obama for "action" on gun violence: "I'm absolutely sick of these endless bloody mass shootings in America. You promised action after Sandy Hook @BarackObama - where is it?"

"It's time cowardly politicians stood up for the majority of Americans who do want sensible gun control and DID something," he continued.

Morgan argued that "It is an undeniable fact that mass shootings in America have surged since 2007," without providing data for his claim. Townhall's Katie Pavlich responded with data featured in the Washington Post that suggests that mass shootings have not increased overall going back to 1980.

"America is a great country with great people, but riddled by the disease of gun violence. Where are the voices of sanity to fight the @NRA ?" Morgan lamented.

-- Matt Hadro is a News Analyst at the Media Research Center