WashPost's Henderson Suggests FNC & 'Far Right' May Help Obama by Race-Baiting

Media Research CenterAppearing as a panel member this weekend on the syndicated Chris Matthews Show, Nia-Malika Henderson of the Washington Post predicted that Fox News and the "far right" may drive independents and women to vote for President Obama, as she suggested that they may "hint at" racial issues or birtherism and cause "blowback" that would benefit the President.

She also theorized that mothers may vote to re-elect Obama because they "take some pride" in having their children "growing up in this country with an African-American President."

After Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker theorized that people who are racist against the President are a group he cannot win over and are therefore irrelevant to the campaign, Henderson responded:

I think, in some ways, the way race might play a role - I think you're right, that the people who don't like Obama because he's black or because they think he's not eligible to be President or he's the other, they're not going to support him.

And I think, if Super PACs, if Fox News, if they sort of hint at that sort of language, I think it's going to turn independents off from Republicans. I think that's the danger that Republicans and people from the far right play, is going to be a blowback because a lot of women, especially, I think, they do, you know, take some pride in this idea that their kids are growing up in this country with an African-American President.

-- Brad Wilmouth is a news analyst at the Media Research Center