‘Camp’ Limps Along

In terms of quality, it is obvious that NBC did not put a lot of effort into its “Camp,” summer series. In this week’s episode, Buzz has “Baby” written in Sharpie across his stomach while wearing a bikini top during Truth or Dare. A few minutes later, the writing has disappeared.

During past episodes when Sarah has swum, anyone with swimming experience will immediately realize she has none, while she is supposed to be an Olympic-level swimmer. 

Nor is the story very compelling. Things supposedly get steamy during this week’s episode both literally and sexually. Buzz’s 16th birthday party provides the perfect opportunity to mix babes, bikinis, and booze as the teenagers play a risqué round of Truth or Dare. There’s an affair, a couple of hook-ups, and lots of jealousy to go with it. Viewers are going to see things come to a head as people’s true feelings come out in the open, good or bad. Unfortunately, there are still no examples of a healthy heterosexual relationship throughout the series. No wonder all of these young lovers are so confused!

“Camp” is more than half-way through the series now, and has yet to really achieve its full potential and engage the viewer. It should turn down the mature content, and turn up the plot line.