'Camp' is Little More than Propaganda

NBC show promotes gay marriage – while bashing marriage

If there’s any remaining doubt about GLAAD’s tv agenda, the latest episode of “Camp” will put those doubts to rest. This episode centered entirely around gay marriage becoming legal in the unnamed state that Camp Little Otter is located in. With a threat of repeal, gay couples everywhere rush to get married, including the camp gay couple, Todd and Raffi. The overarching views on marriage, much less traditional marriage, are espoused when Mack reminds them that “It’s just a formality; you guys are already so committed. It’s just about making it official. Plus there’s over 30 legal rights and protections.” If that doesn’t sound like a GLAAD-fed talking point, what does? Also, according to the reaction when their daughter stands up and proclaims “My dads are engaged!” everyone is madly in love with the thought of same-sex marriage, which just isn’t representative of an actual spectrum of people. However, Sheila reminds the happy couple that “Marriage is a zip tie around your neck… you finally die.”

Regardless of all of the nay saying towards the institution, Raffi and Todd decide to proceed with a wedding ceremony the next day. However, when the state repeals same-sex marriage, they decide to continue on, with Mack officiating the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, she says, “You've built a house, a home, and a family. And you're by each other's side no matter what, and if that is not the legal definition of marriage, well, then it should be…. So I hereby pronounce you, not legally, but in every other way married!”

This is what kids are watching on Wednesday nights. What does this have to do with summer camp? Nothing. If this isn’t indoctrination in the gay agenda, what is?