CMI ON TV – ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Leaves Audience at Gunpoint over Summer

No resolution for season 14 cliff-hanger.

NBC’s Law & Order: SVU concluded season 14 with Detective Benson staring into the barrel of a gun. Behind the gun is William Lewis, sadistic rapist that the Law & Order team has been trying to peg for rape and assault throughout the episode.

If you’re fed up with the U.S. legal system, the Law & Order: SVU season finale gave you plenty to despise because the bad guy is a master of exploiting every legal loophole and technicality in the books. After arresting William for exposing himself to two women in a park, they fail to get him convicted and have trouble finding out who he is because he “accidentally” burned his fingerprints off. Upon release, he kidnaps, tortures, and rapes one of the women who testified against him. A few days later, before they can try him for this crime, she dies of a heart attack.

After some digging, they discover that he has been tried for numerous cases of rape and assault under various names in different states over the years, but never convicted. Most of what would have been overwhelming evidence in a slam-dunk against him becomes impotent. The key witness – the woman herself – is dead and thus cannot testify, and William’s lawyer digs up a technicality that dismisses the DNA evidence, instead framing the situation as a vendetta against her client by law enforcement. 

Next thing you know, he’s in Detective Benson’s apartment with a gun to her face and undoubtedly dark intentions in mind. But we’ll have to wait until season 15 to find out what happens.