CMI On TV -- Game of Thrones Stuns, Angers Fans with 'Red Wedding'

Twitter erupts in fan wrath.

Game of Thrones fans are livid. Last night, the show incorporated the iconic moment of doom known to book readers as “The Red Wedding.”

To minimize the spoilers, I will only say that two very central characters died in a tremendous betrayal. Not only did allies turn on one another, fundamentally altering the political landscape, but they also marred a happy occasion – inducing death and destruction amidst the joy of a wedding.

Fans of the show who had not read the books didn’t see any of this coming. They took to Twitter to express their distress. Emily Tharp (@ecait21) announced “I will be wearing all black tomorrow as I am in mourning.”

“I need full blown grief counseling after that,” Albie Manzo (@AlbieManzo) confessed. A popular tweet ran, “Why doesn’t George R.R. Martin use twitter? Because he killed all 140 characters.”

“So, remember when we were all surprised that they killed off Ned Stark? That was rather quaint,” wrote Blogger Brian Stitt (@BrianStitt). Popular actor Sean Bean played the ill-fated Ned, who died near the end of the first season, incurring the anger of fans. This event multiplies the confusion.

“In the Game of Thrones, you win or you die,” says Cersei Lannister (Lena Headley). For both the books and the series, this proves accurate.

Dark humor for those who have already seen the episode: