The Dome: Chaos Under Glass

Chester’s Mill has lost its small town charm and has completely turned to anarchy in episode eight of ‘Under the Dome.’ After Ollie took control of both the water and the propane resources, the town rises up in arms to get back access to the well.

Barbie, meanwhile, has taken a less-confrontational approach and succeeds in diverting the water back to the town’s reservoir by using explosives. However, this turns him into competition for Big Jim, which will definitely come into play during the future episodes when a leader will have to straighten out the chaos.

Junior is dealing with mental trouble, which we find out he may have been inherited from his mother. Julia finds out about the little dome from Joe, who appears to her in a vision when she interacts with the mini dome.

So what is The Dome? Whatever it is, it seems to be taking an active interest in the lives of the people living (and dying) within it. In some ways, it seems like The Dome is trying to communicate with them, but it is being very cryptic and not getting clear information across about what it wants and why.

As to the people living within The Dome – it seems like they realize this is turning into a permanent situation, but they’re not living like it is. They’re still driving their cars to get across town, not rationing food, and they’re all surprisingly squeaky clean and fresh for people lacking water supply. Considering that this summer series may be renewed for a second season, they might want to start considering living in survival mode because this situation can only get more life-threatening.

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