‘Dome’ Keeps Viewers – and Characters – Guessing

“What happens when the resources run out?” is the question on every citizen’s mind in Episode Six of the CBS hit summer series “Under the Dome.” As an accident debilitates the town’s water supply, suddenly everyone realizes just how quickly everyday life can turn into a nightmare.

Just as the town thought everything felt stable after the dome sheltered them from a military bomb, panic strikes. Angie manages to escape from Junior after the bomb, but how long does it last? Norrie suddenly has a mission when her mom’s insulin runs out and the clinic has none because the creepy reverend went nuts and burned all the medicine in Episode Five.

Speaking of Norrie, she apparently is a key to the dome, along with Joe. We haven’t figured out what that means yet, but Julia and Dodee are hot on the trail. Linda and Barbie are trying to keep minimal peace in the town, but it isn’t working out so well.

Is the dome a living entity? Is it aliens? Is it a bio-weapon the government is blind testing out on its own military to see if it can be disabled? The questions are driving us crazy, but this summer series is too fascinating to end!