Getting Acclimated to ‘Camp’

Little Otter Family Camp is in full swing in Episode 3 of the NBC dramedy ‘Camp.’ Camp Director Mackenzie Granger is feeling the pressure of dealing with hoity-toity rival Camp Ridgefield (run by her arch-nemesis/hook-up Roger) across the lake, while dealing with her own problems when the Little Otter power grid gets blown. Knowing that the summer mixer between the two camps is coming up, Mack tries to get Little Otter in prime condition to host to the visiting families who expect a high class affair, with a little help from her trusty maintenance man (who is possibly crushing on her) Cole. 

A love triangle forms as Kip realizes that Chloe is stalking him while he tries to deepen his friendship into a relationship with Marina. He has to tread softly though, because Chloe is willing to broadcast his secret to the camp. Sarah and Robbie also are trying to figure out their futures and whether it’s together at Stanford as Sarah is offered a surprising second chance at success.

Over time, the plot is becoming more realistic and entertaining and the acting seems to be getting more flowy. One interesting thing to note is that the majority of these actors are foreign and are faking their American accents, which can provide the viewer with a little more appreciation for their acting ablities. (We’ve see the same thing in “The Walking Dead” – surprising cast members turn out to be Brits or Aussies.).

The writers of Camp don’t seem to be depending on hook-ups to get the plot through six episodes, and are instead giving viewers a reason to finish each episode, which the pilot didn’t provide. Now there are legitimate reasons to be curious to see what happens between some of these summer flings, and especially between Mack and Cole. There are two more episodes before the season finale, so expect a little more drama to ensue (potentially a return of Mack’s ex or Kip’s secret to get out) before the writers tie up any loose ends, but it seems like NBC might be able to redeem a portion of this summer series after all.