Heavy Drama, Light-Weight Plotting on ‘Twisted’

Danny Desai is learning a big life lesson in the tenth episode of “Twisted.” It turns out that when you are rehabilitated after murdering someone, it’s hard to restore people’s trust, especially if you lie.

When Danny’s best friends, Lacey and Jo, discover that he had known a key piece of evidence regarding Regina’s murder, and didn’t tell them, they’re quick to let him know he’s on his own. However, one girl is hooking up with him, and the other is in love with him, neither one is quite willing to follow through.

Regina’s mom is on the school board (major conflict of interest!), and through a loophole has figured out a way to get Danny expelled. When the school board holds a hearing to sway public opinion against Danny, Jo steps up to the plate and (accidentally) declares her love publicly. Little does she know that a video of Lacey and Danny hooking up is sweeping the school like wildfire and will soon be sent to her phone. Can Jo trust anyone?

Of course, in the real world the wife of the police chief wouldn’t testify at a hearing of a suspect’s expulsion, and the mother of a murder victim wouldn’t be involved in any of the decision-making. However, it probably doesn’t matter to the teen target audience watching the show. The writers of ‘Twisted’ are so caught up in the drama that teens crave that they forget to carry major plot lines, like the unsolved murder that the whole show is focused around.

The audience may not know who killed Regina and what a possible motive would be, but at least they know who’s crushing on whom.