Twisted: Season Finale

A test of character and a return from the dead

After being treated like he had a scarlet letter on his chest by the whole town, Danny Desai finally gets expelled from school in the latest episode of “Twisted.” Too many rumors and suspicions have gone around the school to allow him to stay any longer. Although he has some lapses in judgment, his true character shines through when he continues to let himself be the object of disgust in the social circles of the school, as he works out a plan to redeem Lacey’s reputation with her friends. Meanwhile, Jo is having an internal battle of whether or not she can move on from her crush on Danny.

Chief Masterson is trying to do his job and determine guilt in the murder case of Regina, however that’s difficult to do fairly when the suspect is his daughter’s admitted crush. But new evidence comes out that starts making it undeniable that Danny is the killer. When it comes to that, Mrs. Masterson makes a phone call to a very important (assumed dead) person… who will come next season because that’s the end of this one!