‘Twisted’ is, well, Twisted

While the town of Green Grove, New York, is trying to solve the homicide of classmate Regina Crane, sixteen-year-old Danny Desai is trying to adjust back to normal life as a teenager, which usually centers on love.

Of course, as any good ABC Family teenage drama would have it, there is a love triangle between the popular girl, the outcast girl, and the hero/bad boy. Lacey insists on keeping her relationship with Danny secret, as it would ruin her socially. Meanwhile, Jo decides to bare her love to Danny after a study session turned prep talk with Rico, who obviously is crushing on her. Jo’s father, the sheriff, is investigating the murder of Regina, which immediately leads back to the Desai family. Danny’s mother knows something about a key piece of evidence that points to Danny’s involvement, but what?

When a party at Danny’s house goes terribly wrong, Jo realizes how easy it is to be played, and Lacey learns that love doesn’t hide. However, Danny’s mom provides a twist at the end, and is what keeps viewers guessing on “Twisted.”