Under the Dome: The Queen of Chester's Mill

The latest episode of 'Under the Dome' gives us more questions than answers

A newcomer to Chester’s Mill, Maxine, has stirred things up. She seems to be the only person on this show who understands that their world has changed and actually lives her life that way. 

When she sets up a new black-market enterprise (which was inevitable) and attempts to blackmail Big Jim and Barbie, she sets herself on the road to power. How Big Jim and Barbie choose to handle that situation, though, shows their differences in character. 

Meanwhile, Angie discovers the fourth person to help unlock the mini-dome. But what happens when they all touch the dome leads to more questions than it answers. 

While digging for answers, Linda and Julia discover that the propane deal goes much deeper than either of them had imagined. Along the way, Julia stumbles across some answers to the mystery of her husband's disappearance.

What the viewer still doesn’t know is who or what the monarch is or when it will be crowned, but based on the caterpillar in the mini-dome – that mystery is hatching soon.