ABC Family's 'Becoming Us' Forces Graphic Description of Gender Reassignment Surgery upon 'Family' TV

Fireworks flew early and often on this week's episode "All the Trimmings" on ABC Family’s “Becoming Us,” as Carly’s ex-wife ("Carly" self-identifies as a woman, but is a man who used to be named Charlie) committed that most unforgiveable of sins: reminding Carly that he is a parent with actual, real-life responsibilities. Predictably, this did not end well.

- You look kinda cranky.

- I'm not cranky.

- Are you sure?

- Yeah. Thanks for coming.

- Sure. You have some lipstick right on top. What's up, am I in trouble?

- You sent me a text message last week and quite frankly, I'm pretty furious about it.

- Okay, well this'll be fun.

- And... You're about to go off to Arizona.

- Arizona, yeah.

- To have a sexual reassignment surgery?

- Yeah.

- And your text message says to me that you can't afford Ben's school fees.

- I don't owe for Ben's school fees

- Yes, you do.

- No, sorry.

- Yes you do.

- No, don't.

- We split that.

- No we don't.

- Yes we do.

- Look in the agreement.

- Carly has paid child support but she doesn't pay for much extra because she exhausted her funds.

- There's obviously a really big misunderstanding here, so...

- What's a misunderstanding? You told me you can't pay, how is that a...

- I can't afford $160 a week.

- That's bull----.

- I'm sorry.

- That's bull----.

- Well.

- You're about to go have a huge operation.

- Yeah.

- You can afford that?

- I'm not paying for that.

- I have really great health insurance and I switched plans specifically because I was told I could get the surgery covered. I couldn't afford it otherwise... I will pay for it even though I can't afford it, that's fine. It's fine... She got everything she asked for in our divorce, I didn't fight anything. So I don't know, I don't buy the whole thing being about money, it's about her hurt that I caused... Well this has been great, I'm out of here, see Ya.

- That's typical.

- Yeah. It was great having coffee with you.

- You know what's missing in your life?

- Nothing.

- Deep intimacy.

- Got it.

- And a vagina is not gonna replace that.

First, how about that “drop the mic” moment there, when the ex-wife reminds Carly that having female anatomy is not the answer to what truly ails him. Well done. Also, what’s this about a health insurance plan that covers sexual reassignment surgery, at no cost to the policy holder?! Thanks, Obamacare

Without knowing for a fact what his agreement was with his ex-wife as far as paying for school, it’s impossible to know who is in the right on this argument.

But what is very possible, and even evident to see, is that the impending educational catastrophe about to hit his son is of little concern to Carly. What totally invested and caring parent greets the news that his son will now be forced to go to a school where he’s going to get a lesser education, with “not my problem.”

Really bad look.

However, evidenced throughout the show, but specifically at the end, this entire show was about Carly and no one else. I apologize for the words and images that appear in this next clip describing gender reassignment surgery. But, they’re symbolic of a tactic this show uses to advance LGBT. Watch:


Yeah, there’s nothing natural about what’s "taking shape" there whatsoever. Again, I know that was ridiculously awful, but I felt it important to show. Why? Because it reveals a tactic that many shows are using across the LGBT spectrum right now, and that’s shock-induced acceptance. The act of hitting the normal everyday hetero with as many gory details as possible, to force you to see so much objectionable material all at once, that you’re so overwhelmed that you either just throw your hands up and make peace with the debauchery or you cower in stunned silence.

ABC Family’s “The Fosters” did this very same thing in an episode a few weeks ago, where they showed a girl who self-identified as a boy at the beach. The "boy" took his shirt off and you could see all the intense scarring from when he tried to remove his breasts.

Again, it’s the shock that either leads to stunned silence, or acceptance. Either way, they win.