ABC's 'Mistresses' Finds Out Polygamy is Hard

Trouble in paradise! ABC's "Mistresses" has been pushing polygamy and polyamory lately, but in the most recent episode, titled "Murder She Wrote," they discover three person relationships are hard!

In this scene, Alec and Vivian (who are married to each other) are fighting about the fact that Alec didn't tell her he had sex alone with Karen (who is the third person in their polyamory relationship) while Vivian was away.


-Vivian: ...I knew you would immediately become defensive.
-Alec: I'm not defensive. I'm angry.
Karen: I understand why you're upset.
-A: And for the record, I wouldn't be angry if you'd at least come to me first. Aren't I at least owed that?
-V: But you were the one who made the decision to lie to me.
-K: Stop! Everyone, stop! It doesn't matter how this all came out. What matters is how we deal with things moving forward.
-V: Exactly.
-K: We need to establish some rules so no one ever gets hurt like this again.
-V: Good idea. Honestly, I think I was more upset about the fact that you both felt the need to keep this from me.
-K: That makes perfect sense.
-A: I'm sorry. What in the hell are you two talking about? I had sex with another woman when you were out of town, and the only thing you're mad about is I didn't tell you? Do you know how insane that sounds?
V: You've been having sex with another woman for weeks, Ali. That's obviously not the issue.
-A: Well, I think it is. It is for me. I can't do this anymore.
-V: Ali...
-A: No, I'm done. It's too much. I'm scared. Karen, you know how much I care about you, and obviously I'm very attracted to you. But, Vivian, you are my wife. I chose YOU to spend the rest of my life with. And I'm worried the longer we stay in this, whatever this is, everything we have may fall apart.
-V: I think we've been falling apart for a while, Ali.
-A: That's not true.
-V: Before Karen came into our lives, you and I were practically roommates. We both know a marriage can't survive the way we were. Without Karen, I'm not sure it won't go back to being the same.
-A: Oh, I'm betting on us. I think we can find our way back. At least...I wanna try. Don't you?
-V: Karen...
-K: No, Vivian. It's okay. He's right.

During the course of the argument, Alec has a moment of clarity and asks what everyone in the audience is thinking about the situation, "I had sex with another woman when you were out of town, and the only thing you're mad about is I didn't tell you? Do you know how insane that sounds?" Um, YA!

It is very interesting that it is Alec who is expressing reservations about polyamory after he was the one who had the eloquent soliloquy about his marriage suffering irreparable damage and "changing form" to find "a new way to exist" when he asked Karen to be a part of their marriage.

It seems to be slowly dawning on him that marriage is special and unique. Vivian is his WIFE. He chose HER to spend the rest of his life with. You wouldn't expect the man in the relationship to be turning down the opportunity to have two women, but now Alec sees how crazy the whole situation is and wants to try to save his marriage the old fashioned way. But is it too late?