'Chasing Life' Teaches the Secret of Getting into College: Declare Your LGBT Love!

LGBT activism has become the Peace Corps of the 21st Century. There was a time, in the not too distant past, when prospective college students seeking to soften the hearts and pique the interest of the gate-keepers of higher education would make themselves more attractive candidates by building straw huts in Africa or feeding the starving children of the Pacific Rim.

Nowadays? Not so much. Now the only “hungry” that need to be sated are the liberal peccadillos of the activist college administrators who hold dominion over the young, “skulls full of mush” that put their academic lives in their hands.

Such was the case on last night’s episode "The Age of Consent" of the ABC Family show “Chasing Life.” Brenna (Haley Ramm) and Ford (Dylan Gelula) decide they want to put a spin on the love triangle in a film they have made. What’s not surprising is that the love triangle in question involves two guys and a girl. What is a little surprising is that, in order to provide the anticipated twist that Brenna and Ford think they need to make their film stand out, they make their love triangle into more of a straight line by having the two guys end up falling in love with each other.

Yet, even that isn't necessarily over the top, after all, this is 2015, where almost every show has a gay relationship of some kind. What really takes this episode over the top is what happens when Ford and Brenna explain their twist to their fellow film students. After the students applaud them for using LGBT in their film they further inform the girls that the twist is fortuitous for their academic future because, as one puts it, “LGBT content can help you get admitted into top film schools.”

So sad, but so true. What used to be a process that came down to your grades, your goals, your creativity, and perhaps what sacrifices you made for others has now become a process based on whether or not you get your LGBT ticket punched by some Trotskyite in an Ivory Tower.

Left unsaid, but certainly implied by the episode, is that if our hypothetical college administrators love LGBT, and there’s no doubt they do, then we know full well what reaction the movie of a group of Christian film students extolling the virtues of traditional marriage would get.

But hey, love won!