Cop Hate Rules the Evening at the 2015 MTV VMAs

Whether jokingly implied or painfully obvious, the 2015 MTV VMAs did not hide their support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement by providing some cop hate to go along with the movement’s mantra of violence and hatred towards police. All this while they sat safely inside the LAPD-guarded Microsoft Theater having their fun. I’m sure all of the celebrities arrived and left unguarded, especially Miss Miley Cyrus.

Actress Rebel Wilson made a show of saying “F*ck the Police Strippers” here.



Which might have been excusable as a not-funny joke (though even the “BlackLivesMatter crowd was not laughing) if it were not for the other cop-hate examples of the evening.

Here, in a scripted skit, host Miley Cyrus plays Ouija board with fellow musicians. They invoke the spirit of famed rapper The Notorious B.I.G., who was shot to death in 1997, and whose shooter was never caught.

“Biggie, who killed you?” one rapper asks. Then, the Ouija board spells out the letters L-A-P- before the scene cuts out. Even though the last letter is left out, the implication is that the LAPD killed “Biggie” (a nickname for The Notorious B.I.G.).


Lastly, in another scripted skit, Miley Cyrus shares some pot-laced brownies with rapper Snoop Dog, then hallucinates that the rapper has turned into a pig. As she talks to the rapper-turned-pig, he says “I’ve taken the form of something comforting to guide you through this bad trip, but in doing so I have become one of the things I hate most in this world. A pig.”


In case you didn’t get the joke, “pig” is a derogatory word for cops.

Great MTV. Way to promote violence and hate. I’m sure the family of Darren Goforth will appreciate your humor.