‘Dig’ Goes Deep in Series Premier with Biblical Prophecies, Murder, and Mystery

The Thursday night series premier of Dig (USA) delivers on its promise of murder, conspiracy, and religion.

Dig wastes no time in making its religious undertones as blatant as possible. The show opens quoting a verse from Numbers 6 about bringing a red heifer to sacrifice, and then shows the red cow in Norway with one character stating cryptically: “It has started.”  Another announces: “The prophecy has begun.”

The show stars Jason Isaacs, as Peter Connelly, an American FBI agent who has transferred to Israel after a tragedy at home. At one point in the first episode Connelly follows a woman with red hair, named Emma Wilson (Alison Sudol) into the midst of a large crowd with chanting people holding crosses. The two begin talking and Emma leads him to an excavation site where she is working as an archeologist in search of the Ark of the Covenant.

At this point Connelly states what is on every viewers mind: “Seriously? The Ark?”

 But never fear, all this talk about a holy vessel of God doesn’t deter Emma from promptly inviting Connelly to go skinny dipping. The logic for that next step was not adequately explained.

The first episode is crammed full of various, somewhat disjointed, scenes that are working to explain the broad layout of the show. One parallel plot line occurs in New Mexico where a young, innocent boy (Zen McGrath) is being watched over in a confined location by religious leaders for an undisclosed reason. The show also manages to introduce the audience to Connelly’s boss/casual lover (Anne Heche,) and the local detective (Ori Pfeffer) who Connelly must work with on the case of a murdered American.

Dig might face trouble in the future if it pushes its religious motif too far. But for the first episode there is enough unique Jerusalem footage, exciting chase scenes, and plot twists, to keep the average audience happy.

While this show may best suit viewers who are in for the slow burn, rather than quick answers, Dig has the potential to make the test of patience worthwhile.