Good Dads Provide Center, Comedy on ‘Welcome’

Go figure: a show in which there are (count ‘em!) two families with strong, involved father roles! Not enough shows actually entertain strong family dynamics. A father figure who has a strong influence in his child’s life is not a common thing in many shows these days. In “Welcome to the Family” there are two stand-out dads that are really fantastic characters. The rub is that Dan and Miguel can’t stand each other, and that drives the comedy.

A laugh-out-loud scene this week occured as the two fathers worked to try and settle their disputes for the benefit of their kids and soon-to-be born grandkid. Neither of them are okay with the fact that their teens are bringing a child into the world but since they will be spending time together they decided to try and get along. As one might predict they get off to a very rocky start, mocking each other.

Miguel: “I’m entitled, arrogant, and I’ve had everything handed to me, the Dan Yoder Story.”

Dan: “I’m apparently the only guy in the world who’s ever had to make it on his own, the Miguel Hernandez story soon to be a major motion picture if we can find a big enough douche bag to play the part.”   

Miguel: “You know what? You and me are going to see each other when we have to but we’re never going to be friends.”

Dan: “Oh no not that! Anything but that!”

These two steal run the show and I’ll continue to love watching them duke it out every single week.