‘The Good Wife’: Separation and Seduction

If you’re new to The Good Wife, you’ve picked a good place to join us. Season five hit the ground running with a new governor and a new firm. The season four cliffhanger about whether or not Alicia will leave Lockhardt Gardner to join Cary is immediately answered—Florrick Agos will be up and running in the next few weeks. Now that we’ve established Cary and Alicia are leaving, the episode leaves us with the question of how they tell Will and Diane, stay until they get their bonuses, and take enough big clients to stay in business at the same time.

As usual, the character-driven procedural keeps us interested through the relationships, not necessarily the case of the week. But this week’s case was particularly brutal. Was it just me, or was the intensity of twice seeing a man almost intravenously executed a little more than we’re used to from TGW? Even though the stay-of-execution involved some debate about torture and the Eighth Amendment, TGW didn’t go too far down that road. Also, thanks to David Lee versus Monica the telecommunicator, we’re given a bit of comic relief.

Seduction has always played a starring role on TGW, and from Marilyn the ethics officer to Grace Florrick being put on a list of “10 Hottest Politicians’ Daughters” to the continued will-they-won’t-they between Will and Alicia, seduction is sticking around as a series regular. It seems the writers don’t agree with Eli Gold when he says, “we don’t want sex to be an issue.”

Alicia’s finally made the decision about leaving Will and Diane, and now she has to face the consequences. She knowingly whispers to Will as he walks away, “don’t hate me.” We’ll have to keep watching to see which relationships make it through the great Florrick-Agos rebellion of 2013.

Watch the preview of Season 5 below.