Michelle Obama Guest Stars on Parks and Recreation Season Finale

She’s made more than 100 television appearances. Her next one will be on “Parks and Recreation’s” season finale, April 24. But she’s not an actress. She’s first lady of the United States, and she’s Hollywood royalty. 

Mrs. Obama clearly enjoys the spotlight, and the liberal TV industry is happy to give her the attention. She has been a frequent guest on “The Late Show,” “The Daily Show” “The Colbert Report,” “Rachael Ray,” “The Tonight Show,” and “The Biggest Loser,” among many othes. She has danced with Jimmy Fallon, partied with Al Roker, and squealed over cute puppies at this year’s Puppy Bowl.

In just six years, Obama has made 56 more television appearances than Laura Bush did in eight years as first lady. 

Appearing on Parks and Rec is not surprising, considering the show’s star, Amy Poehler (“Leslie Knope”) is heavily involved in liberal politics, a frequent guest to the White House and supporter of the Obamas. On Feb.25, Poehler appeared on stage with Mrs. Obama at a “Let’s Move” campaign in Miami, where Obama called Poehler her “best friend.” (Uh-oh, watch out Beyonce!) 

Along with Poehler, Others stars of the cast such as Rashida Jones and Adam Scott have made promotional videos for Obama’s 2012 campaign. Mike Schur, co-creator of the show, even dreams of having Hillary Clinton making an appearance in the very last episode. 

Michelle’s frequent television appearances are just another blatant reminder of how intertwined Hollywood is with the Obama Administration. In fact, since 2009, President Obama has hosted several fundraisers and parties for the Hollywood elite. Last September, before the Obamacare rollout, the Administration turned to Hollywood stars again to promote signing up for Obamacare on Twitter. It must be a cushy job when Hollywood and journalists would rather fawn over you than criticize your administration’s policies.

— Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center. Follow Kristine Marsh on Twitter.