'Mr. Robot': Being in Debt in America is Worse than Living Under Brutal Iranian Regime

The struggles that immigrant/refugee families face upon arrival in our land of opportunity are manifold. Meager beginnings, language barriers, overcrowded neighborhoods, famine, disease, and having to navigate the art industry’s treacherous web of itemized deductions and adjusted gross income calculations.

Wait, what?

Oh, yes. On last night’s episode of USA’s Mr. Robot, an episode titled “eps1.6v1ew-s0urce.flv” (don’t ask. It’s a computer/hacking show), our two millennial revolutionary wannabes Darlene (Carly Chaikin) and Trenton (Sunita Mani) meet on a lush college campus field, where they discuss why their revolution aimed at overthrowing the U.S. financial system means so much to them.

>> My parents were born in Iran. They came here like everybody else, for freedom, but my dad works 60-hour weeks to determine tax loopholes for a millionaire art dealer. My mom, she ran up loans into five digits to get an online degree. They won't shut up about how great America is. But they're gonna die in debt doing things they never wanted to do.

Though they stridently profess otherwise, liberals have absolutely no clue about the realities of the world, and this scene shows it. Note that Trenton tells how her parents came to America from Iran “for freedom” like everybody else. Then she goes on to lament how this great leap of faith somehow blew up in her parents face, because her dad has to do tax work for his job, and her mom racked up student loan debt. Does she really believe that freedom is about having a certain job? Freedom isn’t having a certain job. It’s about having certain guaranteed rights.

Trenton’s inability to comprehend evil, like most liberals, dooms her to ignorance. Her parents didn’t just come to America for a better job opportunity. They came so they would not have to live under the boot of a raping, murdering, baton-wielding, jihadi-sponsoring, terror state. But because the liberal professors in the ivory towers behind her have convinced her that the real source of evil in the world is America, and that all these stories about oppression in Iran are either the fault of Israel or just capitalist lies, she believes her parents (who have actually been to Iran, unlike her, probably) are actually less free in America than they were in Iran.

Yet this is what represents oppression to spoiled, liberal millennials. Not executing homosexuals or political prisoners. But having to work for corporate America, and re-pay student loans.

So brutal. The struggle is real.

Also telling is Trenton’s line that her parents were going to die in debt “doing things they never wanted to do.” Really? What if all they ever wanted to do in life was to escape a terrorist regime and give their daughter a chance to make it in a world with no Sharia law?

What if her parents didn’t care what kind of jobs they had to do, or risks they had to take? As long as their little girl got a chance?

Iran was their real oppression, not their jobs or their debt. But try telling that to their liberal daughter, who's got it all figured out.