‘Mr. Robot’ Channels Bernie Sanders

Mr. Robot: Democracy has been Hacked

USA’s TV show ‘Mr. Robot’ prides itself on its subtitle, “Our democracy has been hacked.” Yet, after tonight’s episode, they may have succeeded in hacking more than just democracy. After watching the following scene, where the “FSociety” underground that is holding corporate America hostage releases its militant manifesto on the internet, it has become alarmingly clear to me that the leftist, techno-drama may have hacked the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign as well:

Hello, Evil Corp. We are society. Over the years, we have been watching you. Your financial abuse of the poor; your corruption of governments; your cover-ups of the murder of innocent, ordinary citizens, all for the sake of a profit. This is why we at society have decided you must die. We are malicious and hostile. We do not compromise. We are relentless. We will not stop until every tentacle of your evil monstrosity is sliced off at the nerve. But we are also not without mercy. Our latest hack was our last warning. Meet our demands, and we will consider not destroying you. First, release our leader Terry Colby from your illegitimate prison immediately. Second, release all the people of the world from your even more illegitimate prisons of debt. Third, dissolve your corporation and donate all your assets to charities around the world. This proposal is non-negotiable. The people are realizing they don't have freedom of choice so long as you exist. The people are waking up, no longer accepting your economic slavery. Meet these demands, or we will kill you. Consider yourself warned.

Seriously, how is that video warning from the show’s vigilante hackers substantively different than the Bernie Sanders campaign platform? Prisons of debt, corporate greed corrupting governments, the demand for all free enterprise to subjugate itself to the popular will through total liquidation sounds awfully familiar.

I’m not exactly clear on how companies financially abuse the poor. Seems as if your poor, you’ve already been thoroughly financially violated. But other than that, what’s not to like?!

So, if you missed the Bernie Sanders speech in Madison last night, fear not. Watch ‘Mr. Robot’ and you can still #feelthebern.