New ‘American Horror Story:’ Witch Kills With Genitalia

Taissa Farmiga describes her ‘Zoe’ character.

Already marked by violence, sex, and anti-Catholicism, it was going to take real creativity for “American Horror Story” to achieve shock value this season. What would fit the bill? A witch who kills via vagina, of course. 

Taissa Farmiga described her new character, Zoe, in Sept. 20’s Entertainment Weekly, saying, “She’s kind of this sweet girl – except she kills people with her vagina.” 

“Shy” Zoe attends Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies (aka witch school) after she realizes her gift during a rendezvous with her boyfriend. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s third season of “American Horror Story: Coven,” premieres October 9 on FX. 

The storyline is an ironic one for Murphy, a gay activist. Murphy also made headlines in the past as an Obama supporter, a would-be pornographer and mastermind behind shows such as “Glee.” 

The abhorrent “American Horror Story” has given free range to Murphy’s twisted preoccupations, however, with stories of monsignors strangling patients with rosaries, nuns raping priests, “Santas” threatening to “jam this gigantic crucifix” up nuns’ rear ends,  dual masturbation to cure homosexuality, and infants’ heads stored in basements

So the real American horror story? This show garnered 17 Emmy nominations.