Peyton Manning Presents Joel McHale with the Face of America after Failed Confederate Flag/Redskins Analogy

Joel McHale made perhaps the reachiest of all reaches when trying to turn a bit about the removal of the Confederate flag into a Redskins joke. No, seriously this happened.

McHale began the ill-fated stab at humor thusly:

McHale: NASCAR had a transformative year. The confederate flag is no longer being flown at NASCAR events. Yes. It's great. It also came down in South Carolina. Folks in Washington, D.C. Said, it's about time. Washington, D.C., home of the Redskins. Redskins. Redskins.

The link between the Confederate flag and the Redskins is lost on me. Apparently, it’s lost on Peyton Manning as well, since he wore the expression of 98% of America after hearing McHale tell his “joke.”