TNT's 'The Last Ship' Reminds Us Who the People Who Fight For Us Are

If Adam Baldwin gets all the cool one-liners on TNT’s “The Last Ship” (and he does), then the Command Master Chief Jeter (Charles Parnell) gets all the great speeches. On Sunday night’s episode, “Valkyrie,” Jeter addresses the crew after four of their fellow crewmen were killed in a sabotaged oil rig explosion.

It’s an incredible speech about those who sacrifice and risk all for our country, which could apply to any generation of soldiers at any time. Yet, one that I found exceptionally moving as France celebrates American servicemen saving their bacon...again.



>> We’ve taken out share of hits these past few weeks... Suffered painful losses. Sometimes, it feels like more than we can bear. Yet, here we gather, united. Shipmates. Every time we're called, we answer, "Here I am." We answer knowing that the world, survival of our species depends on our actions here at sea and fully aware that we answer at our own peril. And still we answer, "Here I am." I'm not gonna put a silver lining around our pain. Today, we grieve and we remember our fallen, and we thank them for their service to us and to mankind. Yes. Today we grieve, but tomorrow, we do press on. We continue to answer the call, "Here I am."