Walking Dead: It’s Raining Zombies, Hallelujah!

The Walking Dead is back! It’s all here: Daryl’s awesome crossbow, Rick’s inner conflict, people doing stupid things, and zombies raining from the sky.

Well, actually, that last part is new. And to be technically accurate, it wasn't the sky, it was more like the roof of a grocery store. But when you're huddling under the barrage of plummeting souless flesh-eaters, does it make a difference?

There’s two types of season premieres. There’s the “wrap up the cliffhanger from last season finale and begin the season with a bang.” But there’s also the “set up the various situations the group will be facing over the course of the next season even if it means the episode ends up being a little slow.” This one was definitely the latter.

So here’s my definitive list of questions from episode one: 

  1. What’s up with farmer Rick? Also, how do I get a garden that has .45 autos instead of rocks?
  2. That pig is gonna be important. The only question is how. 
  3. Do you really mean to tell me the zombies on the roof of that store never wandered over those patches before? 
  4. Where is the Governor? If Michonne can’t find him, can anyone? 
  5. Is “Zombie Rain” not the best band name you’ve heard in a while?
  6. What’s gonna happen with Patrick—or at least the zombie that once was Patrick? Is this a signal of something new with the zombie virus?

If it is, that’s exciting. Last season focused on development between human enemies, and the zombie problem became more of a nuisance than the center of the plot. Is this a return to the zombie-centric magic this show once was?