‘We Are [Not Really] Men’

The title suggests masculinity and possibly a caveman quality. Instead we get what’s “more like a way station for guys who just got divorced, dumped, or are otherwise incapable of buying their own couch.”

Frank (Tony Shalhaub) is the four-time divorcee. “Frank vowed the next time he found true happiness he was just going to sleep with it for a few weeks.” Stuart (Jerry O’Connell) is the womanizing, often shirtless, divorcee still fighting over a settlement with his most recent ex-wife. Gil (Kal Penn) was kicked out by his wife a year-and-a-half ago after she caught him in the “world’s worst affair.” Finally, Carter (Chris Smith) is the recently jilted newbie who fits into the group more than he wants to admit.

At one point, Frank tells Carter, “You're living in paradise. We got a killer gym. We got indoor parking. We got complimentary Sunday brunch. And we are four exits from Hollywood. ‘Actresses’ come through here all the time.”

It seems like the title is the excuse these characters have given themselves after each horrible life decision they made. Granted, the show had its funny moments and it’s clear these men are not living the dream in this Hollywood-adjacent apartment complex. But the little moments don’t quite gloss over the four pathetic examples of men. Women are the party-poopers and the oppressors; however, they’re also the goal and the prize of each night out. Let’s hope we get to see some kind of redemption for these men. Or at least see them move into permanent housing.