Dumb and Dumber, By Choice

Americans are ignorant, and Obama is counting on it.

Left, Media Push to Seize the Press and Spend Billions of Dollars

The Great Newspaper Bailout would use your tax dollars to make media bias a permanent fixture.

Liberals Come Up Against Reality

Obama, Franken et al are finding out that, Nobel Committee aside, reality demands more than rhetoric.

Real Olympic Event Is Making Excuses

From Polanski to Letterman to Obama, media help stars take no responsibility.


If it weren't so tragic, the Obama presidency would be hilarious.

Al Gore's Hand in Your Pocket

Government gambles with taxpayer money it doesn't have on a car that may never sell.

Bill Clinton Misses Days of 'Vast Right Wing' Conspiracies and Eager Interns

The real issue is the left has no message on major issues, so they work with media to create a smokescreen.

Obama Speeches: The 'I's Have It -- Nearly 1,200 Times

Sunday marathon reinforces president's focus on self while the media ignore it.

It Has Come to This

Get Everything. Pay Nothing. The sign of our times.

ACORN Story Grows But Mainstream Media Reluctant to Cover It

A couple of kids with a hidden camera do what the professional 'journalists' have refused to do.
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