New Lows for Media, President

The Constitution burns while ABC fiddles.

June has been a month of new lows for the media and the president they worship.

Exhibit a) ABC, which should stand for Ashamed Broadcasting Company, gave Rielle Hunter not one but three prime promotional opportunities.

Hunter, of course, is the woman who gained fame as disgraced presidential candidate John Edwards’ mistress. He was secreting, sleeping with and impregnating Hunter while married to his wife dying of cancer. Hunter’s become tell-all-book author and ABC and others gifted her multiple publicity and promotional platform by ABC and other media outlets. 

ABC’s Rielle Hunter Marathon included appearances on “Good Morning America,” “The View” and “Nightline,” and on another day, a bonus of “20/20,” thus morning, noon, prime time and late night book infomercials.

Hunter, the knowing home-wrecker, knowing political cover-up conspirator, knowing beneficiary of other peoples’ money; essentially is Edwards’ prostitute – bought, paid for, housed and pampered with other peoples’ money. Now the media is making her  a super celebrity by the mainstream media. My question is: exactly how sleazy, slimy, and disgraced a guttersnipe would someone (associated with a liberal) have to be for the media to refuse to promote him?

Mainstream media rehab for liberal personages isn’t new. CNN gave disgraced former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer his own talk show, Spitzer was an attorney general who made his bones prosecuting escort services and prostitutes then turned out to be a big-spending patron of them, not to mention adulterer. (Can Edwards himself be far behind? Perhaps that is the game afoot.). Hunter makes Spitzer a lightweight. Clearly, , if the media had any self-respect this woman would be told to go peddle her book at swap meets.

On June 18, the president found his way to a new low, re-enacting Nixon at his worst, invoking grossly mis-applied executive privilege to cover up his now implicitly admitted personal involvement with his John Mitchell-ish attorney general Holder of a government run criminal conspiracy gone wrong, nicknamed Fast And Furious.

Holder has been lying for a year, obstructing Congress’ investigation, refusing to turn over some 100,000 subpoenaed documents. As the bell tolled, President Obama stepped up to guard Holder’s secrets and protect and further the cover-up. In this case, it’s not a petty-ante burglary as with Watergate; it’s gun-running, supplying Mexican drug cartels and getting one of our own border guards murdered with our guns.

Oh, and you try stonewalling a Congressional subpoena for a year. Martha Stewart went to jail for much less than what Obama is engaged in. Nixon went from “I am not a crook” to waving adios as he boarded a helicopter to ignominy, escaping certain impeachment – also for sins that may very well be much less than Obama’s and Holder’s actions suggest lie hidden behind Fast And Furious.

President Obama has, of course, blatantly displayed his contempt for Congress, for the Supreme Court, for the Constitution and rule of law, for his own friends and allies – like Rev. Wright, the unions in Wisconsin, and for voters and taxpayers and citizens – from those clinging to their guns ‘n Bibles, to the shareholders in GM he robbed and the auto dealership owners he killed off, to, well, all of us. His attitude about obstructing a Congressional investigation, obstructing justice and covering up his scandal should be no surprise. The depth and extent of his criminal activity might be. If we are ever to know it.

An earnest, relentless, Woodward & Bernstein investigation by the media could unarth a lot of wrongdoing. But don’t hold your breath. They are very busy with Celebrity Rehab.