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‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle’s Wife Taya Slams Hillary Clinton’s ‘Audacity’ on Benghazi

Vet's wife has strong words about Clinton's lack of leadership
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Honesty! NY Times Reporter Admits ‘I Live in a Bubble’

She’s ‘surprised by how few women keep their names after marriage.’
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Media-Censored: Top 15 Quotes from Justices AGAINST Gay Marriage

What the media won’t report from Obergefell v. Hodges.
Mr. Robot: Democracy has been Hacked

'Mr. Robot' a Lazy, Leftist Anti-Corporate-Greed Screed

It takes most new series at least 5 or 6 episodes before they complete the metamorphosis into full-blown mouthpiece for the left. Then there’s USA’s new series “Mr. Robot,” which took all of ...
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Some Confederate Money-Makers Still not Purged from Apple, Amazon

Rebel flag remains on best-selling products.
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Gawker Says Pregnant Bristol Palin Should Consider Abortion

Lefty translates Palin’s pregnancy announcement.
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Airbrushing Hackery: Maryland’s Mosby Makes Women’s Mag Rounds

'If anyone is qualified to comment on issues of race, urban violence, and policing …'
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Perez Hilton to Play Raunchy Dad in Full House Parody

Promises ‘ridiculous, naughty fun’.
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NYT Promotes Study Labeling Charleston Shooting ‘Right-Wing’ Terrorism

White supremacist groups make up the ‘right-wing’ according to the paper.
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Megyn Kelly to Partner with Kevin Spacey on New Show

Beltway drama will be cross between House of Cards and Downton Abbey.
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