"Hezbollah's Achievements" - Killing Israeli Civilians

Greg Myre talks to Palestinians who admire the terrorist group Hezbollah's killing of Israelis. But the T-word is nowhere to be found.

For the Times and Castro, Love at First Sight

The Times reminds us that the mainstream media's love affair with Communist dictator Fidel Castro started early

Hezbollah Terrorist Leader Nasrallah as "Folk Hero"

And more quotes on Hezbollah, the "civil aid group" with the "savvy media operation."

"Unpleasant" "Cartoon" Sensenbrenner "Has No Tolerance for Illegal Immigrants"

Plus: A terrorist as "renegade" and an America "deeply divided" over gay marriage.

Ann Coulter's "Hate Speech"

Plus: Helpful advice for Republicans - alienate your base

NY Times Publisher Beyond Parody

Bush's War on Democracy

Bush's War on Democracy

Times Watch Quotes of Note:

Bushs War on Democracy

Inequality in Japan Also Reagan's Fault

Plus more of most biased quotes of the last two weeks from the New York Times

Penguin Family Values? Ludicrous. Monkey Socialism? Profound

TimesWatch Quotes of Note for September 23, 2005.
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