Big Sean's "Social Justice" Award Acceptance Speech on MTV VMAs Glorifies Police and Military

Not surprisingly, the 2015 MTV VMAs gives an award for videos with a social message. Also, not surprising was the speech from presenters Jussie Smollett and Serayah from Fox’s Empire, who took the two biggest liberal hashtags of the year and let us know that they would continue to repeat them over and over until they become truth:


>>This past year has been one of epic highs and stunning lows.

>> We rejoice in the victory of gay marriage. We've mourned the victims of senseless violence and we fought for inequality and justice.

>> We know the #blacklivesmatter and love is love, to name a few. But listen, the point is to make sure these topics are not simply hash tags and they continue to be spoken about until they're proven to be 100% true. No art form in the world captures moments like this more powerfully than music.

Luckily, the winner was an artist named Big Sean, who won for the video for his song called “One Man Can Change the World,” for which he made an amazing and heartfelt acceptance speech that almost made up for Smollett and Serayah’s tired liberal dribble.

To start things off, Big Sean thanked God, “first and foremost.” Which is awesome.

His speech applauded not only the military but also the police, a group that has seemingly become the hate group for the evening on tonight’s MTV VMAs. Big Sean dedicated the award to his grandmother, Virginia Leond, who was one of the first female black captains in World War II and one of the first cops in the streets of Detroit, who also made him home-cooked meals.


>> My first VMA, Sean, legend, first VMA. Kanye's 20th, I don't know. But I got to thank God first and foremost, you know. Got to thank the fans. The fans are crazy. I got to thank John legend, I got T thank Kanye for hopping on this song because it makes so much. Part of the song is partially dedicated to my grandmother, Virginia Leond. She was one of the first female black captains in World War II, one of the first cops in the streets of Detroit. She got her Master's at U of N. She made home-cooked meals after school. She showed me if one man, male or female, could change the world, it's her. I got to dedicate this to her. I know my mama is watching.

Here’s hoping that the MTV VMA audience will take Big Sean’s message of strength and bravery to heart and forget about the #BlackLivesMatter message of hate and violence.

Then, we can finally begin to make social change 100% true.