Notable Quotables - 01/06/1992


Last Gasping Gorbasms

"Well let me say how I hope history will judge him. Perhaps in time with help and work, people here will improve their everyday lives and remember Gorbachev's accomplishments and that would seem to me fair. I remember not only the end but the beginning of the Cold War and the forty years of fear Gorbachev more than anyone else ended. He seems to me to have done more good in the world than any other national leader of my lifetime."
- NBC News Moscow reporter Bob Abernethy, December 24 Nightly News.

"The Nobel Prize he received for ending the Cold War was well deserved. Every man, woman and child in this country should be eternally grateful. His statue should stand in the center of every east European capital....No Russian has done more to free his people from bondage since Alexander II who freed the serfs."
- Boston Globe Senior Associate Editor H.D.S. Greenway, December 27 column.


Post-Communist Realities

Bernard Shaw: "CNN's Eileen O'Connor looks at how the Soviets' dreams of prosperity can conflict with the reality of developing a market economy within an unstable political system."
Reporter Eileen O'Connor: "...Mikhael dreams of being rich. He knows he will have to work hard. But it's scary when there's no more Big Brother."
- CNN World News, December 10.

"In neighboring Albania, the collapse of communism has left people hungry, cold and hopeless. A children's hospital in Tirana is overflowing with patients and critically short of food and medicine."
- Dan Rather after story on Bulgaria, December 19 Evening News.


My, How Time Changed

"The Reagan Administration has made a bad situation worse in two ways: first, by convincing the Soviet leaders that the U.S. no longer accepts military parity as the basis for relations with Moscow; second, by challenging the legitimacy of the Soviet regime, calling the USSR an `evil empire' doomed to fail."
- Time's Strobe Talbott on pre-Olympics U.S.-Soviet relations, May 21, 1984 issue.

"Gorbachev presided over the dissolution of a truly evil empire..."
- Time Senior Writer Bruce Nelan, January 6, 1992 issue.

Buchanan Bashing

"For Buchanan, Bush is insufficiently Buchanan-like - not nativist, rightist, homophobic, authoritarian or anti-Israel enough."
- Time Deputy Washington Bureau Chief Margaret Carlson, December 23.

"What do you say to the idea that any President must be President of all the people and your written record of insensitivity toward blacks, Jews, gays, Latins, Asians, et cetera makes Pat Buchanan wholly unqualified?"
- Bryant Gumbel interviewing Pat Buchanan on Today, December 11.


Hate That Military-Industrial Complex

"Real political discourse has all but vanished from Hollywood filmmaking; above and beyond whether [director Oliver] Stone's take on the assassination is right, his film is a powerful, radical vision of America's drift toward covert government. What other filmmaker is even thinking about the uses and abuses of power?....That JFK comes out in the reign of our first ex-CIA President is an irony that hangs unstated over the movie."
- Newsweek movie critic David Ansen, December 23.


More Tax Gas from Time

"Increase taxes on gasoline and other fuels. This would help finance cuts in other taxes - each penny-per-gallon increase in the gas tax would generate $1 billion in new revenues - and would also encourage energy conservation, cut down pollution and traffic congestion, and reduce the U.S. trade deficit. A good start would be an increase of 25 cents per gal. - less than the amount by which prices rose during the gulf war - with further increases of five cents a year."
- One of Time's suggestions for a tax package, December 9.

"Bush wound up backing the worst of the nine tax-cutting schemes vying for support on Capitol Hill. Combining deficit financing with favoritism toward the wealthy, Gingrich would cut the tax on capital gains from the sale of such assets as stocks, bonds, real estate and timber.....The Gingrich plan would be a bonanza for the 2 per cent of U.S. taxpayers who earn $200,000 or more."
- Time's Dan Goodgame, same issue.


The Year Gone By...

"It was seemingly a year when women could do no right. When the words of powerful men were inviolate, when patriarchy and paternalism were clear victors....[Anita] Hill and [Patricia] Bowman's treatment is the bitter fruit of male power, which is not just symbolic but real. Women still receive unequal pay for the more than equal work they perform. Although they represent the bulk of the shoppers, churchgoers and voters, they have virtually no voice in economic, religious or political affairs."
- USA Today "Inquiry" Editor Barbara Reynolds, December 27.

"John Sununu's Resignation. The White House chief of staff was notorious for his hostility to environmentalists and their agenda. If it was good for the earth but bad for business, Sununu's opposition generally persuaded the President - witness the administration's refusal to take global warming seriously."
- One of Time magazine's "Best of 1991" events for the environment, January 6.


...And the Year to Come

"With the [PBS] system now heavily reliant on gun-shy corporations for funding, and with the board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting now heavily infiltrated with right-wing kooks, the outlook for public TV is discouragingly bleak."
- Washington Post television critic Tom Shales, December 29.


Pro-Death Pro-Lifers?

"Bush has kept in place his predecessor's withdrawal of U.S. payments to the U.N. Fund for Population Activities on the specious grounds that they support abortion. Bush continues to pay lip service to this canard out of fear of Republican right-wingers who claim to be `pro-life.' In its implications for the slums and villages of the Third World, that slogan disguises a policy that is pro-death."
- Time Editor-at-Large Strobe Talbott, December 16.


Free Market, Pro-Democracy: Must Be Reactionaries

"In Johannesburg, a report that the South African government continued secret funding of the reactionary black Inkatha Party despite a pledge to stop."
- Dan Rather on the CBS Evening News, December 13.


Urban Crime? Republicans Cut Counseling

"We've got an urban mess out there. But the reason is because Republican administrations have cut back on counseling, on job training programs. You've got an urban area out there where joblessness is high. That's why you have a problem out there."
- Boston Globe's Michael Frisby, November 24 Off The Record.


Dan Rather's Poetry Corner

"Stay with CBS now for more news, including: Is there a pall over the mall as holiday shoppers think small?"
- Dan Rather on the CBS Evening News, December 2.


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