Notable Quotables - 01/18/1993


Most Popular Inauguration Ever

"It's an exciting time to be in Washington. I work near the little store where they're selling the Inaugural commemorative items and there is a line going out the door and around the corner. People are excited. They're happy about change. They're intrigued by Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and their families. And I think you're going to see crowds for these inaugural events the likes of which we haven't seen in Washington ever."
- Wall Street Journal reporter Jill Abramson on C-SPAN's Journalists' Roundtable, January 8.


The Media Hope So

Clinton as National Idol: Can the Honeymoon Last?
- New York Times front-page headline over Maureen Dowd story, January 3


Touchy Clinton

"Without running the risk of being considered `touchy-feely,' Clinton is known as a hugger of men and women. Simple handshakes aren't enough for this man whose theme song easily could be borrowed from the cotton industry's `the touch, the feel, the fabric of our lives'....What one does with hands, lips, arms, trunks, and legs carries far more weight that a barrage of insults, eloquent speeches, or sweet poetry whispered in the ear. The problem is that many of us, unlike Clinton, have lost touch with touch."
- "Style Plus" article in the December 14 Washington Post.


Gore The Green

"1. Al Gore's Election: Only a year ago, environmentalists were resigned to spending four more years as voices crying in the wilderness. The anti-ecology Bush-Quayle Administration looked tough to beat, and among the Democrats who weren't going to try was Al Gore, author of the environmental manifesto Earth in the Balance. Now that he will head Clinton's green team, look for efforts to boost energy efficiency, preserve wetlands and reduce global warming."
- Time's "Best of Environment" stories of 1992, Jan. 4 issue.


Defending the Clintonites

"I have known Ron Brown for 14 years, and anybody who calls him an `influence peddler,' with a sleazy connotation, doesn't know him and doesn't know his record."
- Boston Globe columnist and former reporter Tom Oliphant, January 9 Inside Washington.

"All I can tell you is that the football coach at the University of Wisconsin didn't want her to leave - I don't think she's any lefty."
- Wall Street Journal Washington Bureau Chief Al Hunt defending HHS nominee Donna Shalala on CNN's Capital Gang, December 12.


No One Likes Quotas, But...

"If someone unsympathetic to women names three, then the person sympathetic to women should name more, wouldn't you think? There is a kind of a bar there he must clear.....[Clinton] says 'I don't like quotas,' and in fact no one does. But you need to get in the door, and then once you're in, you need to be listened to. And I think that the President-elect has given every indication he knows how to listen to a woman. I mean, he's married to a strong woman, he's stayed married to a strong woman, and I think he respects them."
- Time Deputy Washington Bureau Chief Margaret Carlson, December 21 MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour.


Hillary's Critics: Anti-Happiness

"By combining equality with ecstasy, liberty with laughter, [Hillary] Clinton violated the cardinal trade-off rule of American womanhood. Women are told: OK gals, go ahead and do your liberated thing, but you must pay the price with personal happiness....That may be why many who favor a ban on abortion are willing to look the other way when the woman in question has been raped or is the victim of incest: she doesn't need to be punished because she hasn't gotten any pleasure out of the encounter."
- Former Wall Street Journal reporter Susan Faludi in a December 26 Boston Herald column.


Fire Walsh?

"It will never happen because they're not that stupid. But it would be delicious, because it would put Walsh absolutely into sainthood, and really put a major blight on George Bush's place in history."
- Newsweek Washington reporter Eleanor Clift on The McLaughlin Group, January 2.

"I thought the pardon of Weinberger was justified, despite the fact that he misled Congress. For one thing he was on the right side of what was a....disgraceful policy. But to then give a blanket pardon to Clarridge, to George, to Elliott Abrams - people who clearly lied. There wasn't any mistake made: they were liars. I think that was an unconscionable act and all it does is pinpoint George Bush's untruthfulness about this whole issue."
- Wall Street Journal Washington Bureau Chief Al Hunt on CNN's Capital Gang, January 2.


Post-Communist Revisionism

"As there were celebrations for peace in San Salvador this week, there was also some grisly accounting. The United States paid the sticker price for continuing most of the war during years when we saw El Salvador as another domino in Cuban or Soviet designs, close to a billion dollars. But Salvadorans paid the real, incalculable costs....For twelve years, most of us, U.S. taxpayers, who helped finance the fighting, risked nothing real to keep it going. It was good policy to pay for a war we were willing to watch but did not want to risk ourselves....As the war ended this week in a world which has gone on to other crises, you might wonder why the treaty Salvadorans celebrated couldn't have been signed twelve years ago, before 75,000 people died; before, as Oscar Romero said, people whose pockets are heavy with gold paid poor people to fight for food and clothes."
- NBC weekend Today co-host Scott Simon, December 20.


Narrow-Minded Patriotism

"And then there were the trillions spent on arms - far more than necessary (especially in the 1980s), though it was hard to know when the buildup began. The newsreel playing over and over in the minds of policymakers was the image of Chamberlain capitulating to Hitler at Munich. This was the mental baggage that eventually led to Vietnam. The ends of fighting communism were seen to justify all sorts of unsavory means. Now, with the benefit of hindsight, it's clear that the ends were nobler than the left admitted; communism was just as inhuman as it was cracked up to be. And the means were meaner than the right admitted; laws were broken and lives ruined in the name of narrow-minded patriotism."
- Newsweek Senior Writer Jonathan Alter on the World War II generation, January 11.


Making Up Homeless Numbers

"Nationally, right now, five million people are believed to be homeless....And the numbers are increasing."
- NBC weekend Today co-host Jackie Nespral, January 9. (The Census Bureau found 220,000.)


Gay Men's Choir

"And pretend that he is Parson Brown. He'll say are you married, we'll say no man..."
- Rep. Barney Frank and his lover, Herb Moses, singing a line of "Winter Wonderland" on ABC's Prime Time Live, December 31.


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