Notable Quotables - 01/26/1998

Eleanor: Angling for a White House Internship

"Well, he's been elected twice with people knowing he has had affairs. Now is the fact that this woman is 21. I mean, she's still of age, I suppose. You know, I think that the distaste that people may feel for this will also be because of the fact that the probing into this persons private life has occurred. I think past Presidents, Lyndon Johnson for one, certainly Jack Kennedy, these things went on, you know, libido and leadership are linked."
Eleanor Clift reacting to charges the President had sexual relations with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, live MSNBC coverage at about 5pm ET, January 21.

How Do You Like Me Now?

Charles Gibson: "You know you're going to be spied upon all the time, but should he have been?"
Lisa McRee: "Of course not. But I can tell you I like him a little better knowing he dances with his wife on the beach on vacation."
Exchange between ABC Good Morning America co-hosts on Agence France-Presse shot of the Clintons dancing in bathing suits in the Virgin Islands, January 6.

Extremism Takes Its Toll & Republicans, Not Dems, Hurt by Abortion

"There has been intimidation, some of it violent, at clinics all over the country and the effect has been apparent. When the Supreme Court legalized abortion in 1973, the number of abortions went up, until in 1988 more than a million and a half women had legal abortions. But with all this pressure on the clinics [video of bodies being covered by blankets and put onto stretchers], five people have been killed and others wounded during these campaigns to close the clinics down, it has made a difference. While it is still the law and women do have a constitutional right to have an abortion, still in some places it is almost as difficult to get an abortion today as it was before Roe vs. Wade."
Peter Jennings, January 16 World News Tonight.

Peter Jennings: "The Republican Party has tied itself in knots over this question of late-term abortion. What's happening?"
Cokie Roberts: "It's already a problem for the party. There was a primary election in California this week where the candidate who opposed partial-birth abortion won over the establishment candidate of the Republican Party. So this is a tough one and Democrats are thrilled the Republicans are fighting because its even a tougher one for them."
Jennings: "Cokie, you've covered all the ground I wanted to, thank you very much." Same show.

The Pope and El Jefe: Ideological Bosom Buddies?

"The Cuban President is, by his own account, no dogmatic anti- religionist....Likewise, the Pope is by no means a capitalist tool...."
Religious News Service reporter Ira Rifkin writing a January 10 Washington Post article headlined "Castro and the Pope: Opponents with Shared Values, While Differing on Religion, Both Embrace Altruism and Reject Unbridled Capitalism."

More Hyannisport Hagiography

"But the scandals and headlines have focused on the stumblings of relatively few of the younger Kennedys, and they have tended to mask the accomplishments and quietly productive lives of others ...the scandals and problems of some Kennedys are hardly the whole story of the third generation, whose members by and large are hard-working, civic-minded and upstanding. Even some who have been stained by drug and other problems have emerged as productive citizens and effective leaders, in and out of politics."
New York Times reporter Robert D. McFadden, January 2.

Clinton's Heroic Spending Plans

"Medicare, the health care program that has been a godsend to the elderly in this country, even with all its financial difficulties. Tonight the President wants to dramatically expand its coverage to millions more."
NBC's Tom Brokaw, January 6 Nightly News.

 Stop Us Before We Investigate Clinton

"Brian Ross, the ABC person in there, according to this New York Times story, both went to this fellow and interviewed him and then took him to the Justice Department to lodge his complaint in order to get an independent counsel, then went on the air, with an exclusive story and I thought, I saw his account on ABC, I thought in a very prosecutorial manner reported this thing. I think that raises certain questions, if a reporter actually brings about an investigation himself, goes to the Justice Department, takes the complaint and then goes on the air and has an exclusive story. I think it raises a question of whether he's personally involved in it, and whether he should have done that."
Los Angeles Times reporter Jack Nelson on businessman Laurent Yene's charges against Labor Secretary Alexis Herman, C-SPAN's Washington Journal, January 16.


Hottest Year: Cold to Facts

"Well, from there we go to one long-term note about weather trends. 1997 was actually the warmest year since scientists began keeping records. The average temperature was 62.45, that's about one-tenth of a degree warmer than the next hottest year, which was 1990. Nine of the warmest years this century have occurred in the last 11 years."
Peter Jennings, January 8 World News Tonight.

"As if El Nino isnt enough, the U.S. government oceanic and atmospheric experts confirmed today 1997 was the warmest year ever recorded on Earth."
Dan Rather, January 8 CBS Evening News.

"Drought plaguing Africa, brush fires raging in Australia, Pacific water heating California. 1997 seemed hot. Now the hard evidence. Temperatures compiled from buoys, satellites and weather stations confirm that. Today the government's best climatologists, experts with no agenda to influence debate on public warming, had dramatic news. Worldwide, 1997 was the hottest year of this century. A trend, says the government's chief keeper of weather records, Tom Karl."
Robert Hager, January 8 NBC Nightly News.

Reality Check: 

"Temperature readings taken from U.S. Weather satellites, the most reliable and only global temperature data available, put 1997 among the coolest years since satellite-based measurements began in 1979. With December readings finally in, the year ranked 7 out of 19, with 1 being the coldest....Satellite readings continued to show the slight downward trend seen over the past two decades, in contrast to ground-based data, which are strongly affected by the so-called 'urban heat-island' effect..."
January 8 press release from the Science & Environmental Policy Project.

Our New Entitlement: Subsidized Classical CD's for Every Infant

"Finally from us this evening, the Governor who gets it. We've known for a long time that the Governor of Georgia, Zell Miller, is committed to a better education for kids.....This was part of his budget message to the Georgia legislature this week. The Governor was playing a bit of Beethoven there by way of convincing legislators to pay for a music CD for every Georgia baby so that babies could hear classical music from the very beginning....He is so right and every study confirms it....Give a child music and you get a better, brighter child."
Peter Jennings, January 14 World News Tonight.


Trees as "Victims"

"In Northern New England, where an ice storm has brought a week of misery to millions of people, and theres more on the way, a giant Noreaster that could dump a lot of snow on top of the already devastating layer of ice, ice that has claimed millions of other victims."
NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw introducing a story on how the ice storm killed maple syrup trees in Maine.


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