Notable Quotables - 03/16/1992


Quayle Hunt Starts Again

"Mr. Vice President, I want to ask this question respectfully but directly. With Pat Buchanan averaging roughly 30 percent of the vote in Republican primaries, why should not you step aside this time and make Pat Buchanan your running mate with George Bush?"
- Dan Rather to Dan Quayle, March 10 CBS special.


The Clinton Corps Reports

"It would have been outrageous if he [Clinton] had been done in by the draft thing because that was a bum rap. The word `draft dodging' does not belong in any sentence with Bill Clinton's name in it."
- Time Editor-at-Large (and Clinton friend) Strobe Talbott, March 7 Inside Washington.

"[Clinton] carried a majority of whites and 70 percent of blacks. Why? Because Clinton was perceived as the one candidate with the economic solutions and as the one who cares."
- NBC reporter Lisa Myers, March 4 Today.


Anita Hill's "Conservatism" Revealed, But The Media Conceals

"There is this sense that I was an absolute staunch conservative, that I was opposed to affirmative action, that I supported Robert Bork. A lot of that has been misunderstood. First of all, I have never been against affirmative action, and while I was extremely uncomfortable with the way the hearings were conducted, I did not support Robert Bork on the issues. My position is that the man should not be judged on his personality. We decided we didn't like him as a person, that he was strident, arrogant, and there-fore he was not a good person for the Supreme Court position. My position was that he should stand or fall on the issues."
- Anita Hill in the March issue of Essence magazine.

"There are reports that you are still investigating Judge Clarence Thomas, looking to see if there's anything else you think the public should know. What can you tell us about that?... When, though, will we see more on Judge Clarence Thomas? I know you said you haven't been able to write as much as you'd like to, are you saying a month down the road, a couple of months down the road?"
- CBS This Morning co-host Paula Zahn interviewing National Public Radio's Nina Totenberg, February 25.


Never Regret Raising Taxes

"The revived `no new taxes' pledge may again prove to be widely popular. But with the federal government borrowing more than one in every four dollars it will spend this year, and with interest payments on the national debt eating up one of every seven dollars of federal spending, many of the President's own supporters were dismayed at his renunciation of the hard-won budget compromise. And many economists criticized Bush's apparent renewal of his 1988 `read my lips' campaign pledge."
- Washington Post reporter Steven Mufson, March 6 "news analysis."


El Salvadoran Deaths: Reagan's Fault

"Before the war is forgotten, the arrogance and miscalculation that led to the U.S. policy that condoned d'Aubuisson and what it represented should be understood....D'Aubuisson thrived because American leaders who feared a communist takeover in El Salvador deliberately turned a blind eye to the use of state-sanctioned terrorism against Marxist guerrillas, their supporters, and suspected sympathizers....

"The tragedy is not just the bloody career of Roberto d'Aubuisson, but the policy that encouraged it. As Salvadorans celebrate the dawning of peace, the United States should not forget its share of the responsibility for the carnage in El Salvador."
- Washington Post reporter Douglas Farah, February 23 "Outlook."


Cause and Effect

"On the road I travel to the mall in Wheaton, Md., two white men severely beat two black women Tuesday. One was doused with lighter fluid, and her attacker tried to set her afire. Both men cursed the women for being black. I couldn't help but shudder: That could have been me. This heinous act happened only hours after Pat Buchanan voters gave him 30 percent of the vote in the Maryland GOP presidential primary."
- USA Today columnist and former "Inquiry" page Editor Barbara Reynolds, March 6.


Brain-Dead Republicans vs. PBS

"Public television has a hard enough time as it is. But now some Republicans are determined to render it as brain dead as they are."
- Los Angeles Times television critic Howard Rosenberg, March 6.

Defending the National Endowment for the Arts

"During the era of dramatic deregulation, the NEA could get regulated out of existence. Reagan-Bush have deregulated the airlines, the airwaves, and the smokestack industries that affect the very air we breathe. Reagan tried to terminate the NEA altogether and the Endowment has been constrained and threatened under Bush, who fired its director. While the pursuit of profit is irresponsibly unfettered, support for cultural endeavors and free expression is increasingly inhibited and compromised."
- Boston Globe arts critic and former "Living/Arts" section Editor John Koch, March 5.

"Rather than a pluralist tolerance in which one seeks only to ensure that one's side is heard, anti-NEA campaigners seem to seek a monopoly in which no other values can be affirmed by government....What their noses were being rubbed in was a reminder that in a heterogeneous society, there are other, often antagonistic, points of view - with equal entitlement to respect."
- Time critic William A. Henry III, March 9.


Buchanan's Free Media Ride

"For all of his rock solid principles, Pat Buchanan has a few authenticity problems of his own, starting with the Mercedes in his garage. Of course, portions of his opinionizing have an authentic flavor - authentically racist and anti-Semitic."
- Newsweek media critic Jonathan Alter, March 2.

Buchanan CW cynicism: Hey, what's a little racism and anti-Semitism if he drives Bush nuts?
- Newsweek's "Conventional Wisdom," written by Alter, same issue.

Tsongas: "Rarely mentions the poor."
Bush: "Has paid little attention to urban America."
Buchanan: "Right up there with David Duke on the hate chart."
- Summary of "Social Policy" positions, Newsweek Voters' Guide (supervised by Alter), March 16 issue.

"Buchanan's rally....was accompanied under a bright sun by a mariachi band, which played `The Beer-Barrel Polka,' and a bagpiper who played `La Cucaracha.' It was just the kind of multicultural theme that Buchanan is always railing against."
- Washington Post staff writer Karlyn Barker, March 7.


Liberal and Proud of It

"The L Word deploys wit and wisdom to counter the hogwash (to say nothing of downright lies) Republicans have been peddling for a decade regarding liberalism. It should be read by everyone - especially neo-cons, lapsed liberals, and Democratic presidential hopefuls silly enough to think they can get to the White House by posing as Republicans."
- Former Washington Post reporter Myra MacPherson's back cover blurb for the new book The L Word: An Unapologetic, Thoroughly Biased, Long-Overdue Explication and Celebration of Liberalism.


- L. Brent Bozell III; Publisher
- Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham; Editors
- Brant Clifton, Nicholas Damask, Steve Kaminski, Marian Kelley, Tim Lamer; Media Analysts
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