Notable Quotables - 06/21/1993


The Greedy '90s

"The deregulated airline industry has come up with another way to save money and boost profits. This time they're not cutting jobs or in-flight meals. No, this time they're cutting fresh air. Flight crews and passengers say it's enough to make you sick."
- Dan Rather, June 9 CBS Evening News.

Fire Gumbel & Split His $2 Million Salary Among 20 New Producers

"The Reagan Administration used to boast they created a lot of jobs. Most of those were menial jobs that were quickly dissipated by a quadrupled budget deficit. How do you suggest we make more high-paying jobs?"
- Bryant Gumbel to economist Irwin Kellner, June 2 Today.


Walter Cronkite, Liberal Activist

"The free market. While the government helped build the trains and the roads to help bring the United States into the 20th century, the economic philosophy of this country has been laissez-faire. Germany and Japan, on the other hand, give industry broad government support. The Japanese government invests 58 percent more than the United States [government] in civilian research and development, Germany 42 percent. But American business has always fought a government-guided industrial strategy. They called it socialism. Now many are calling it 21st century economics."
- Walter Cronkite on The Cronkite Report: Help Unwanted on The Discovery Channel, May 28.

"It is ironic that People for the American Way could be considered by anyone controversial. What it stands for to me is truly the American way."
- Cronkite quoted in the liberal group's recent direct-mail fundraising appeal. (Thanks to Lucretia Nelson.)


Dumping Lani Guinier

A Hard Right Turn
- Newsweek headline, June 14

"I think Lani Guinier arguably should have been confirmed. I don't think her views are that radical....I think she believes in democracy...The fact is a lot of Americans who are black, who are minorities, never have a chance to be in the majority...What she was saying is how do we find some way so that everyone has the chance to be in the majority from time to time."
- Sam Donaldson on This Week, June 6.


Sucking Up To The New Owner

"Now, as the Globe comes under the umbrella of Times management in a deal struck yesterday, it becomes a formal member of a journalism family conglomerate - an adopted sister, if you will - that anchors the Fourth Estate through disciplined reporting and editing; depth, breadth, and volume of news coverage; and sheer intellectual firepower."
- Boston Globe reporter Mitchell Zuckoff on the Globe's sale to the New York Times Company, June 11.

Judge Ginsburg Quotes Ultraconservatives

"Sixty-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been an Appeals Court judge for 13 years. She's considered moderate to liberal, but today she cited this guideline to judging from ultraconservative Chief Justice William Rehnquist."
- CBS reporter Rita Braver, June 14 Evening News.


Florio's Political Courage

"Just last night on television I saw your opponent for Governor complaining about your record, saying how you had raised taxes, how it had cost 300,000 jobs. Are you afraid your politically courageous moves are in fact going to cost you the election?"
- Today co-host Katie Couric to N.J. Gov. Jim Florio, May 24.

"I think we're going to find out that taxes are okay. I think the Congress should look at the race in New Jersey and see that Florio has come back from the dead and vote, and vote for Clinton's plan."
- Time White House reporter Margaret Carlson, June 14 Fox Morning News.


Clinton, Decent and Faithful

"I think he is really trying to do some decent things. I mean, let's face it, homosexuals are people too. I mean, dealing with things in the inner city. I don't think the program has been the problem, I think the execution has been the problem."
- NPR reporter Phyllis Crockett on CNN's Inside Politics, June 1.

"The plan reflected, pretty faithfully, Clinton's campaign promises - raising taxes primarily on the wealthy and upper-middle class, providing significant relief for the working poor...while making some progress on deficit reduction."
- Newsweek Senior Editor Joe Klein, June 7.


Reporters on Reaganomics

"I think there's considerable evidence that it did not create a growing number of jobs....I don't see exactly what [the caller] thinks the trickle-down economy accomplished. I think there are very few people even on the Republican side who say that things were great. It added two billion dollars to the national debt."
- Washington Post reporter Kenneth Cooper on C-SPAN's Journalists' Roundtable, June 11.

"The interesting thing to me is especially if trickle-down worked so well and even if you believe Republican theory, which was that it was only the Democratic Congress in the latter part of the Reagan years and the Bush administration that screwed things up, you still did not see wealthy people or corporations profiting from the tax cut, taking money and doing what Reagan and Laffer said they would, which is building sophisticated high-tech new industries in America. Instead, what an awful lot of them did is say `Oh, three dollars an hour in Singapore or Taiwan. I'm moving my factory overseas.'"
- Boston Globe reporter John Aloysius Farrell, same show.

Remembering RFK

"With RFK gone, the muscle fiber of liberalism went slack....And out with the bath water of defeat went the once healthy liberal baby: a generosity of social conscience, a sense of being in a common fight for a common good, a conviction that a democratic society cannot thrive when its upper drawers are shut on the fingers of those lower down."
- Newsweek Senior Editor Tom Mathews in May 31 story under the headline "Separating the RFK myth from his legacy, 25 years after his death."


The Softball Conspiracy

"Like the country club that bars women from the golf course, where many deals are made, the game of softball can act as another barrier, another means of excluding women from the corporate inner circle."
- USA Today reporter Julia Lawlor, June 1.


Rather Strange on the Range

"America, land of the free. Now, check the sign at the front gate. It does not say the land is free. Any doubt? Ask a rancher. Any one of the thousands at home on the range, where these days often is heard a discouraging word."
- Dan Rather introducing story on ranching fees, June 3 CBS Evening News.


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