Notable Quotables - 06/26/1989


Foley Memo

"'Have you no sense of decency sir?' That was the question Army counsel Joseph Welch asked Joseph McCarthy 35 years ago when the Senator ruined the lives of those who did not agree with him by impugning their character and patriotism. The same question could be posed to Republican National Committee Chairman Lee Atwater, his Communications Director Mark Goodin and Congressman Newt Gingrich."
- Time Senior Writer Margaret Carlson in the June 19 issue.

"Atwater's fouling the civic atmosphere with vicious misinformation is bad enough; compounding that with the White House hypocrisy is too much. If Bush really wants to prove himself a political environmentalist in search of a kinder, gentler America, he should sack Atwater."
- Time's Margaret Carlson in sidebar to the same June 19 news article.

"Now Bush has his own McCarthy in the form of RNC Chairman Lee Atwater and House Minority Whip Newt Gingrich."
- former Boston Globe Washington Bureau Chief Robert Healy, June 15.


Nicaraguan Elections

"Supposedly neutral tribunal stacked to favor Sandinistas"
- Washington Times, June 9.

"Managua Forms Election Panel Containing Opposition Members"
- Washington Post, same day.


Bill Moyers

"The documentary has held up as both true and sadly prophetic. While Congress restored some of the cuts made in those first Reagan budgets, in the years since, the poor and the working poor have born the brunt of the cost of the Reagan Revolution. The hardest-hit programs have been welfare, housing and other anti-poverty measures. Even programs that were not cut have failed to keep up with inflation. Meanwhile, rich people got big tax breaks. And the middle class kept most of their subsidies intact. As a result, the Reagan years brought on a wider gap between rich and poor."
- Bill Moyers after PBS re-airing of 1982 CBS Reports People Like Us, June 20.

Newt Gingrich

"It really looks like this [Justice Dept. leaks about U.S. Rep. Gray] is Republican inspired...So how do you put an end to what Jim Wright called 'mindless cannibalism?' Do you put a muzzle on Newt Gingrich?"
- CBS This Morning co-host Kathleen Sullivan, June 1.

"But unlike Atwater, whose blues-playing, guitar-strumming sideswipes can be entertaining, Gingrich approaches his mission with a humorless holier-than-thou style that makes him easy to dislike."
- Time reporter Nancy Traver in the magazine's June 12 issue.


North and the KGB

"North is the product of something new that has been happening to the government...A shadow government has come into being that is able to use unvouchered funds, engage in secret operations affecting domestic and foreign policy, supersede the presidency in vital respects, and exempt itself from the scrutiny of the American people. The closest analogy is the KGB of the Soviet Union."
- Norman Cousins, former editor of The Saturday Review, in the June 6 Christian Science Monitor.


Hungarian Freedom

"Today Soviet troops are withdrawing from Hungary. Hungary is on the verge of a multiparty state and no one gets in trouble here for suggesting neutrality. All those revolutionary demands [of 1956] are perfectly acceptable today, it just took 30 years."
- ABC's Peter Jennings, June 15.


China Comparisons

"Will the military leaders there be embarrassed by this, will this be something like Kent State was for our military?"
- CBS reporter Eric Engberg on Nightwatch, June 7.

"How does the assumed obligation of the government of Nicaragua to have condemned China this week compare with the past obligations of the United States to condemn, say, university massacres in South Korea or El Salvador, or township massacres in South Africa."
- Boston Globe staff writer Randolph Ryan, June 9.

"Stealing TV pictures off satellites may be the most sophisticated manipulation of the press so far, and the most insidious, but the impulse is nothing new, nor is it restricted to totalitarian states. In the anti-war days of the sixties, FBI agents often posed as reporters, taking pictures, using TV footage in court. The U.S. government prevented press coverage of the invasion of Grenada."
- Reporter Susan Spencer on the CBS Evening News, June 17.

Washington Post News Agenda

"Wright's Texas Friends Urge Him to Run Again: Supporters Seek Vindication of Ex-Speaker"
- June 20 story by Post reporter Tom Kenworthy, on page A4.

"Ethics Probe, Eastern Strike Pose Worries for Gingrich at Home"
- Story by Kenworthy the same day, page A10.


El Salvador

"El Salvador has entered another dreary chapter in a tortured history made worse by the involvement of the United States. With U.S. taxpayers footing the $1.5 million-a-day bill - and with Salvadorans paying a price in suffering and blood - the new government of President Alfredo Cristiani is likely to soldier on with failed policies of the past nine years; war without end, political settlement nowhere in sight, programs that might improve the life of the poor continually throttled."
- Boston Globe editorial, June 6.


Supreme Court

"Supreme Court narrows bias law"
- Boston Globe, June 16.

"Supreme Court upholds major civil rights ruling"
- Boston Herald, same day.


"Ethics War"

"You two fill the voids left by those who were casualties of an ethics war Republicans started."
- NBC Today show co-host Bryant Gumbel to Rep. Richard Gephardt and Rep. William Gray, June 15.


Quote of the Month

"Thousands may have been gunned down in Beijing, but what about the millions of American kids whose lives are being ruined by an enormous failure of the country's educational system...We can and we should agonize about the dead students in Beijing, but we've got a much bigger problem here at home."
- John Chancellor's commentary on NBC Nightly News, June 20.


- L. Brent Bozell III; Publisher
- Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham; Editors
- Jim Heiser, Richard Marois, Patrick Swan, Dorothy Warner; Media Analysts
- Cynthia Bulman; Administrative Assistant