Notable Quotables - 07/24/1989


Bush & Hungary I

>"Tomorrow, the President speaks to students at Karl Marx University, continuing, his aides say, to avoid directly challenging Soviet leader Gorbachev, whose own moves toward reform make him a hero here."
- Reporter Lesley Stahl on the CBS Evening News, July 11.


Bush & Hungary II

"If he had come to Hungary and attacked the Soviets, these people would have loved it. They hate the Russians."
- Same reporter the next night.


Reagan & The Poor

"Largely as a result of the policies and priorities of the Reagan Administration, more people are becoming poor and staying poor in this country than at any time since World War II."
- Today co-host Bryant Gumbel, July 17.

"Economic Watch: Forces in Society, and Reaganism, Helped Dig Deeper Hole for Poor"
- New York Times, July 16

Turner's Cable Programming

"We'll give the other bozos a chance to talk back. They look like idiots anyway."
- Ted Turner on providing pro-lifers with an opportunity to respond to his July 20 TBS documentary, Abortion for Survival. Quoted by the Associated Press, July 14.


China Comparisons

"It [Oliver North's operation] was a 'government' that didn't have time for democracy. Like the old men who rule Beijing, it couldn't be bothered with the will of people it saw as inferior or naive."
- USA Today editorial on Iran/Contra affair, July 6.

Facing Tax Hike Reality

"Returning from his foreign travels, George Bush came home to domestic economic realities today. To the stubborn budget deficit that most economists say will never be seriously reduced without the new taxes to which the President remains opposed."
- Reporter Mark Phillips on CBS Evening News, July 18.


Bush Demagoguery

"The success of the Bush presidency is going to depend largely on his ability to prove that Bush as President is not the same as Bush as candidate. And the way he behaved on this [flag] issue, I think, is going to make it harder for him, because it's a reminder of what kind of cheapness and demagoguery he was capable of and occasionally on some issues will be capable of again."
- Time Washington Bureau Chief Strobe Talbott on Inside Washington, July 15.

Mission to Mars

"If the President comes out strongly for the mission, Congress should be able to find a way to fund it. One option: to siphon the money from Star Wars and other questionable defense programs."
- Associate Editor Michael Lemonick in Time magazine's July 24 issue.


French Revolution

"The name and spirit of The Revolution are routinely taken in vain now by old men hanging on to their power: Fidel Castro in his soldier suit, Ronald Reagan saying, 'We are the change.'"
- "Style" writer Henry Allen in The Washington Post, July 14.


Stealth Bomber

"What's long overdue, way over budget, and proved today it can travel at least six miles on the ground? The new B-2 Stealth bomber. It rolled up and down the runway in California today, the first time it's gone anywhere under its own power. The plane costs half a billion dollars, and it may actually take to the air later this week."
- Diane Sawyer anchoring ABC's World News Tonight, July 10.

"In the California desert today, the secret B-2 Stealth bomber successfully passed a critical test. For the first time, the Stealth moved under its own power, taxiing on the runway. Later this week, high-speed tests are scheduled, to be followed by a maiden flight."
- NBC anchor Tom Brokaw, the same night.


Reagan Doctrine

"If these trends continue, it could mean truce, then peace on these far-flung battlefields. Wars, including cold ones, don't end until people stop dying in them. By folding up the Reagan Doctrine, the U.S. can provide some cover for Moscow's retreat, perhaps helping end the expansionist phase in Soviet history. Such a strategy might even come to be called the Bush Doctrine."
- Strobe Talbott in Time, July 17.


Gorbachev Reforms

"Gorbachev is on our side precisely because he is on the side of the Soviet People."
- Bill Monroe, former host of NBC's Meet the Press and now Editor of the Washington Journalism Review, in the Center for War, Peace and the News Media's newsletter Deadline, Summer edition.


Objective Reporting

"They will look at the Third World debt. I hope they'll do something about it. I hope that they won't be, the results won't be the same as the French Revolution. It took a long time before the poor people actually got what they wanted."
- Barrie Dunsmore reporting from the economic summit in Paris on ABC's Good Morning America, July 14.


Chinese One Child Policy

"I consider the Chinese government's policy among the most intelligent in the world....It is a policy limited to the heavily overpopulated areas and it is an attempt to feed the people of China. I find it very intelligent."
- National Organization for Women President Molly Yard on Oprah, July 6.


Freudian Slip of the Month

"Sadly, many home remedies could damage a fetus instead of kill it."
- Newsweek Senior Editor Melinda Beck on pregnancy remedies, July 17 issue.


- L. Brent Bozell III; Publisher
- Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham; Editors
- Jim Heiser, Richard Marois, Patrick Swan, Dorothy Warner; Media Analysts
- Cynthia Bulman; Administrative Assistant